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As anon as the amateur Paul Dano apprehend Richard Ford’s novella Wildlife, he knew he capital to accomplish a blur of it. Added than that, it was a adventure that took hold, would not let him go. It may be that we all accept at atomic one book of this array in our lives, a adventure that becomes an obsession, that speaks to us in an angrily able way. It is now seven years aback he apprehend it and he has accounting a cine with his partner, the amateur Zoe Kazan, and fabricated a blur – his authoritative admission – in which Carey Mulligan gives the achievement of a lifetime as an unravelling wife and mother, Jake Gyllenhaal plays her addled husband, and newcomer Ed Oxenbould their addled boyish son. The blur has already had babble reviews afterwards its premiere at the Sundance blur festival, with Variety acclamation Dano as a “natural built-in film-maker”, while beforehand this ages the New York Times alleged it superb afore concluding: “The accomplished of the blur is a almighty accord in every respect, and a arresting authoritative debut.” But aback I accommodated Dano and Kazan – in London for the blur anniversary – I appetence to go aback to the film’s ancestry to ascertain why it mattered so abundant to them to accomplish it.

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We accommodated in a best auberge overlooking the Thames, where, in adverse to the aureate affluence of the surroundings, Dano (34) and Kazan (35) attending about as if they got actuality by mistake. Neither is dressed in celeb animated rags: they attending added like hikers about to ask for admonition to the aing adolescence hostel. Off screen, they assume to will themselves to be abate than life, as if ambuscade actuality in the hotel’s admiral bar. As actors, they accept outstanding presence. Dano is abnormally acceptable at alarming roles in which altruism creates a apocryphal faculty of aegis (There Will Be Blood, 12 Years a Slave). But he enchants, too, in added affectionate incarnations: Pierre in War and Peace; the adolescent Brian Wilson in Adulation & Mercy, the biopic about the Beach Boys. Kazan rivals this with a smart, capricious affection all her own (The Savages, Revolutionary Road and The Big Sick) and aboriginal on in her career was declared by the New York Times theatre analyzer Ben Brantley as accepting “spiky, gamine charm” and was after accepted by Ian Rickson who directed her as Masha in The Seagull for her “fierceness of intelligence and independence”. Today, their ambience is academic – you would not be afraid to apprentice they had aloof spent a day in a library or were planning to arch aback to one directly. Kazan is cutting a loose, kindly, arrested affection dress. Dano wears a lumberjack shirt, baseball cap and horn-rimmed specs. The two of them are focused, unflamboyant and warm, what my grandmother already agreeably categorised as “real people” – not consistently accessible to arise by in showbiz.

But there is article I charge to ask afore we hunt Wildlife added – there accept been rumours that they accept managed not alone a new blur but a new babyish – a daughter, anticipation to accept accustomed on 31 August. Vanity Fair arise the account but could not affirm it. The New York Post’s celebrity account armpit Folio Six arise that the babyish had been called Alma Day but followed this with the couple’s “no comment” (mum absolutely was the word). The alone accessible adumbration of the baby’s actuality had been Kazan’s buried tweet, at the end of the summer, saying: “Honestly, this abatement is already an embarrassment of abundance for Paul and me, and it hasn’t alike absolutely started yet.” I ask them directly: are they parents to an abstract baby? And they attending at one addition and smile and say: “There is a absolute baby.” And Paul adds: “That’s why I accept my buzz on. I’m blockage on the sitter.” They add that they flew in from Los Angeles a few hours beforehand that morning and are actual tired, jet lag circuitous by the zombiedom of new parenthood. Their tiny daughter, Kazan says, accustomed adulation as they larboard the alike on her quiet demeanour (further affidavit that she excels at befitting her actuality secret). Aback home in the US, Kazan volunteers, they are accepting a lot of admonition with childcare from her parents.

“But it’s a aberrant period, because we’re putting Wildlife into the apple and I’ve aloof fabricated a Coen brothers blur [The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – she plays a frontierswoman in the 19th-century agrarian west] and Paul is in a Showtime mini-series [Escape at Dannemora] advancing out actual soon. And we’re aggravating to cross actuality new parents. We’re both declared to be not alive appropriate now but we’ve had to accomplish some exceptions…” As she speaks, Dano occasionally pats her knee affectionately – the reassurance, one guesses, acquiescently accidental because, alike exhausted, Kazan comes beyond as addition who knows her own apperception and how to allege it. From time to time, they about-face to attending at one addition – accustomed collaborators – as if acclimated to batting questions to and fro – chat as sport.

It is assured that ancestors – parents and accouchement – should be our subject. Wildlife is one of Ford’s beforehand works – arise in 1990 and set 30 years beforehand in Abundant Falls, Montana, on the bend of the Rockies. Aback Jerry Brinson loses his job at the bounded golf club and goes off to activity a backwoods blaze – application for the atrocious – his wife, Jeanette, despairs at what she may brainstorm to be the end of approved ancestors activity and makes advances arise a strange, lame, old guy – a affluent widower called Warren Miller (Bill Camp altogether catches the character’s alarming benevolence).

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I apprehend Ford’s little masterpiece afore affair Dano and Kazan and begin that the book’s astriction builds like the smoke it describes advancing anytime nearer the town. You feel added and added alarming on the allotment of the boyish narrator: there is a ball amid what he knows and does not apperceive that keeps you reading. The claiming of axis the book into a cine is clear: Joe about watches his parents’ activity as if it were a film. He says actual little. I advance that it is a atypical about helplessness, and Kazan and Dano do not disagree.

“When I apprehend Wildlife, I acquainted it was accounting for me,” Dano says. “I had a abstruse affecting reaction. The aboriginal footfall was to ask myself: why am I activity this way? We looked at the activity abaft the centralized address and anticipation about how to about-face it into an activity or an image.” But could he acknowledgment his own question? Why did the blur allege to him as it did?

The acknowledgment emerges slowly: Dano’s ancestor was a abettor and the ancestors lived, for the aboriginal few years of his childhood, in a one-bedroom accommodation in Manhattan. There was lots of adulation but “turbulence” too. The ancestors was “close, but sometimes that accurateness was too close”. He adds, abashed slightly, that his parents “had their struggles”. He has a sister two years adolescent and a brother 16 years earlier (with whom he did not abound up). “I was like Joe – I didn’t act out, I capital to accumulate things together.” He believes Ford explores the “mystery of who parents are” and this he begin intoxicating. Like Joe, Dano was appropriate to move – in his case, to Connecticut – age-old 14. “Your home is the world… I articular with this kid actuality advance into adulthood.” But what he best cherishes is Ford’s hypothesis that ancestors adulation is abiding adjoin the odds.

Kazan’s ancestors accomplishments was absolutely altered from Dano’s and added “classically harmonious” (she has talked in interviews about her accurateness to her alone sister, Maya). “Yet all families accept their struggles, and abundance is no different.” She grew up in Los Angeles, babe of two high-flying screenwriters – Robin Swicord (who acclimatized Little Women, Matilda and Memoirs of a Geisha) and Nicholas Kazan (who was Academy-nominated for his cine for 1990’s Reversal of Fortune) – and is the granddaughter of Elia Kazan, the administrator of On the Waterfront and East of Eden (and arguable because he articular aloft colleagues as communists during the McCarthy era).

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Zoe Kazan had already accounting date plays (notably Absalom – about complicated father-child relationships) and the cine for Ruby Sparks, a well-received 2012 fantasy affair starring her and Dano, afore demography on Wildlife. I ask whether she learnt screenwriting by osmosis? “Not alike osmosis. My mom is bedeviled with structure. Alike aback I was a little kid, my parents would abeyance movies and explain, from a ability perspective, what had aloof happened. They gave me their scripts [of the children’s movies they had made] to apprehend aback I was five. Alike the atom cardboard in my abode was recycled scripts.”

But Dano was first, amid jobs, to try to address the blur adaptation of Wildlife. He showed it to Kazan, who admits: “I acquainted crazy account it.” Charmingly, Dano eggs her on to say absolutely what was wrong. And she continues: “It was not in cine form. He had images in his brain. There’d be a arena with no chat in which he had written: ‘They sit annular the table and allocution about the weather.’ I’d say: ‘What is this?’ He would explain: ‘The camera is outside. You don’t apprehend the dialogue.’ The cine was cacographic to anyone who could not apprehend Paul’s mind. I gave him lots of notes, but bristles pages in – it was not activity well. I eventually said: ‘I anticipate you should let me booty a canyon at this because it will aloof be faster and better.’” And they explain the action that evolved: they would address separately, adapt one another, address again.

The blur is attempt in an untricksy way, as admitting to address Ford’s cellophane prose. “I’ve consistently been addition who brand things to be spare, honest,” says Dano. “I like the apparition of artlessness – things that attending simple but are complex.” And this includes the weight of silences in the blur – cinema’s agnate to account amid the lines. But in agreement of the writing, Dano insists Zoe is the “proper writer”.

Kazan’s admonition went added than words. Aback their money came through to accomplish the film, she was in Mike Bartlett’s Love, Love, Adulation off Broadway and so absent the filming, but backward involved. Among added things, she was the t adviser – not the trifling role you ability suppose. There is a cardinal arena area Carey Mulligan wears what her appearance unforgettably describes as a “desperation dress”. Dano beatific four altered fabrics to New York for Kazan to consider. “We’d had a actual altered blooming in apperception but the moment we saw the adulteration green, we thought: great. It was so alfresco the colour palette of the film. With little time or money, our apparel artist did amazing things.” The atrociously blooming cottony dress is a ball in itself, in which Mulligan looks at already amazing and precarious.

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During the 28 canicule of production, what Dano aimed at was an atmosphere in which anybody – and it abnormally mattered to him that the aggregation acquainted included – was “in tune” and accepted the story’s aberrant atmosphere, best summed up in a access of Ford’s own words, which begins with the description of blaze engulfing a tree:

“A atom had begin it, and it exploded in a bright, steepling chicken blaze that leaped and attempt out $.25 of blaze into the night against added trees, and swirled its own white smoke, ablaze and again dying bound as the wind on the hillside – a wind that did not draft area we were – afflicted and died. It all happened in an burning and I knew it was alarming admitting in a admirable way. And I understood, aloof as I sat there in the car with my mother, what I anticipation alarming was: it was a affair that did not assume able to aching you, but bound and deceivingly would.”

The complete of blaze is capital and alarming to the film: its crackle, gobble, barrage and Jeanette’s breakable catechism ascent aloft it: “Do you like it?” to which Joe replies: “No.” Kazan and Dano explain they were advantageous to accept had all-encompassing admonition from a acquaintance who had formed as a advance angry wildfires in the US.

As they talk, they assume two of a affectionate – super-intelligent, offbeat, likable. And there are parallels in their showbiz trajectories. Straight out of Yale, Kazan was spotted by an LA abettor at 24. Dano additionally never had to activity for work: he started his able career, age-old 11, on Broadway. “Someone asked me to do a bounded comedy – a administrator saw it and told me to audience for Broadway.” The brace aboriginal met acting in Jonathan Marc Sherman’s comedy Things We Appetence (2007). Kazan played an alcoholic concert pianist, Dano one of three abortive brothers. They accept aback begin that the adversity about alive calm is ringfencing clandestine time. Kazan afresh arise a dness not to act calm any more. Dano says: “You ability be on set 12 or 14 hours and again go home together. You’re not activity to address for 12 hours. We’d allocution for hours – but never wrote in the aforementioned room.”

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They assume like soulmates – how agnate are they as characters? “Not at all! We accommodated in what we love, but are abundantly different,” Kazan says.

“Obviously, we get along, we like anniversary other,” Dano adds in his affable way. “But Zoe is fast and I’m slow.” “Paul’s gut aptitude is to try every accessible about-face afore he decides on something. I’m added extroverted. He’s added patient. I like to run into the ocean, he brand to watch me run.”

“Zoe is a acceptable multitasker… I can’t do added than one affair at a time.”

Early on, Richard Ford apprenticed them to accomplish the adventure their own, suggesting they leave his adventure area it was “safest” – on the page. Their anguish was that, in the end, they ability accept been too affectionate to the atypical but, to their huge relief, Ford has accustomed the blur the thumbs-up. I acquaint them I am not surprised. And I ask what they would like their audiences to feel as they leave the cinema. Kazan says: “We aloof showed the cine in LA and had critics and accompany whose parents breach up in tears.” “People accept had memories return,” adds Dano.

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“That agency a amazing bulk to us,” says Kazan. “You accomplish any allotment of art acquisitive addition ability accept it in the way Paul accustomed Richard Ford’s book – as if it were fabricated for them.”

And how has this acquaintance larboard them? Is there an appetence for accomplishing more? Paul is about to arise on Broadway in Sam Shepard’s True West, but is in no doubt: “I absolutely appetence to do added direction. I can’t delay to accomplish addition film. I aloof don’t apperceive aback that will be.” Ability they charge to leave it while babyish Alma has a moment or two in which to abound up? “Yes!” they assert in unison.

Wildlife is appear in the UK on 9 November

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