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A accomplished new world—that is what Ted Cruz capital to accord her.

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It was the bounce of 2001, and Heidi Nelson was planning her bridal to the man she’d met aloof over a year earlier. On Christmas breach from Harvard Business School, she’d encountered the arrogant and bookish Cruz in Austin, Texas, area they were both alive on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. He was “super-smart” and “really fun” and looked like a “1950s cine star.” “It was adulation at aboriginal sight,” she told me.

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They abounding those three weeks with movies and dinners and drives. Afresh he took her to the airport, area she’d get on a alike aback to Boston. Alarm me every day aback your day is done, she instructed him. And he did alarm her, every day that spring, at about 3 or 4 a.m. Afterwards that summer, Ted gave her a fiber of pearls. Probably fake, she still thinks, but they were from Bergdorf Goodman. And this was special: She’d mentioned already that she admired to go to Bergdorf’s, to attending at the ceramics and added aerial things abaft glass, and he’d listened.

Which is how Heidi begin herself planning a May bells to a man who, for all his pretension, insisted they comedy “A Accomplished New World,” the accepted Disney song, at the end of the ceremony. She didn’t understand: They had a band, she told him—a violinist, no less! Why on apple would they comedy a CD? “Because no one can do Aladdin,” he said. She relented, and it became a affair of sorts. Or that’s how she remembers it, anyway. On a abracadabra carpeting ride.

That was 17 years ago. Aback then, as Ted’s wife, the mother of their two daughters, and the ancestors breadwinner, Heidi has helped see him through roles as Texas adviser general, U.S. senator, and, best recently, applicant for the Republican presidential nomination. In 2015, she took contributed leave from her job as the managing administrator of Goldman Sachs in Houston to attack for her husband. Suddenly, the blind was pulled aback on the woman who declared to adulation one of the best polarizing abstracts in American politics. While Ted struggled to acquisition appearance assemblage aural his own party—his aide Lindsey Graham already joked about addition murdering him on the Senate floor—Heidi calm admirers wherever she went. “Everyone loves Heidi,” a arresting Houston Democrat told me. “Every time I allocution to her I think, You should be active for office, not your husband.”

Heidi Cruz is absolutely accessible to like. I met her on an August afternoon at her home, area she’d arrive me for lunch. The Cruzes alive in absolutely the abode you’d envision—white brick with atramentous shutters and a aperture affected by gas lanterns—in the adjacency you’d expect, abounding and palatial, in the centermost of Houston.  

If some bodies attending like their dogs, Heidi Cruz looks like her house: expensive, serene, draped in appealing fabrics. That Wednesday afternoon, she greeted me somewhat breathlessly—“This applicant alarm went abundant best than I anticipation it would!”—wearing a light-blue cottony dress, a hardly darker dejected scarf, and a askance fiber of chaplet (not the ones from Ted). As we sat bottomward to eat, she said what I brainstorm all women who abrasion these things charge say, her articulation balmy and conspiratorial: “We’re gonna accept some champagne. Yes, we are.” She leaned to grab a canteen off the dining-room table, and the clear chandelier reflected her beard and angry gold.

Shining, shimmering, splendid.

We were about two hours into our chat afore she brought up her wedding. It was a admirable day, to be sure. The girls—Caroline, 10; Catherine, 7—love to watch the video. The point, though, is the song, because she still thinks about it, often. Ambitious adolescent women brainstorm allotment their own worlds. But to become a political spouse, alike in 2018, is to apprentice that your apple will be declared for you. For Heidi, that’s meant constant an acute spotlight, weathering abridged rumors and the accepted president’s jibes about her looks. Now her bedmate is in the bosom of yet addition acute campaign, this time adjoin Beto O’Rourke, the advanced angel allusive for his Senate seat. As the chase continues to boss cable news, I capital to apperceive what the bazaar feels like for Heidi. I capital to know, too, how she maintains a faculty of herself in an amphitheatre that defines her in affiliation to addition else.

And I capital to apperceive what Heidi wishes she had known.

“I would say to adolescent women: Be brash about your decisions,” she said. “And I do acknowledge that Ted started our activity calm with that song, because there’s some accuracy to it.

“He’ll be like, ‘It’s such a abundant life! We accept so abundant chance ahead! It’s like our magic-carpet ride,’” she continued. “And sometimes I’m like, ‘I achievement we don’t hit the cement.’”

On March 22, 2015, Heidi was on a Southwest flight en avenue to Alternative University, area her bedmate would advertise his bid for the White Abode the afterward day. She was journaling her calorie calculation aback she accidentally addled to entries from added than a decade before, in the bosom of her depression.

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It had all started with the move to Houston. She and Ted were both alive for the Bush administering in Washington; she was the administrator of the Latin America appointment in the Treasury Department and he was alive at the Federal Trade Commission. She was happy. He was not. So in 2002, with her support, Ted interviewed in Texas for the position of adviser general. Aback the action came, the brace absitively that Ted would move to Austin while Heidi backward behind; she was now alive for Condoleezza Rice on the Civic Security Council, and was in no blitz to accord up the post. Their accord had been congenital on long-distance buzz calls. Their alliance could absolutely survive on them, too.

Heidi had accepted from the get-go that Ted capital to authority accompaniment office. She was acquainted that anytime she would move to Texas. What abashed her was that “someday” accustomed so quickly. She had encouraged him to administer for the job, yes. But accuracy be told, with his abridgement of experience, she didn’t ahead he’d get it.

They fabricated it assignment for about two years afore they assuredly agreed that Heidi would move to Houston, area she could assignment in banking. They’d booty account turns active the three hours amid cities to see anniversary other.

Moving to Texas so aboriginal in her career was not allotment of her plan. And she had consistently been a planner. She was alone 8 years old when, on a ancestors alley trip, she fell in adulation with Washington. Admitting her Seventh-Day Adventist parents were abundantly apolitical, she absitively in aerial academy that she capital to intern on Capitol Hill one day. She abounding Claremont McKenna College, a baby liberal-arts academy accepted for its government and economics focus, aloof four hours from her ancestors in San Luis Obispo, California. She got her internship. From there, she brash a aisle to the federal government through Wall Street, business school, and, finally, attack work.

In added words, a asset Treasury Department or NSC job was expected. Heidi had planned for it, aloof like she’d planned for aggregate else. Texas, however—the abrupt alteration to Merrill Lynch, the loneliness, the attempt to anatomy her acceptability from scratch—snuck up on her.

Not until now has Heidi about discussed what happened on the night of August 22, 2005. She was in Austin, visiting Ted, aback it acquainted as admitting this accomplished new apple was airless her. She got agitated about a baby thing. She can’t bethink what, exactly—maybe that Ted was bubbler a canteen of wine and watching television, alike admitting he still hadn’t taken out the trash.

“And afresh it wasn’t aloof that,” she explained. “It was, like, all of this—like, ‘Why am I here? And by the way, I gave up active area my ancestors is to appear here, so that I could sit on [the] 290 freeway every anniversary to go assignment for a aggregation that’s absolutely headquartered in New York, and I could be in address if I wasn’t actuality with you.’”

“Like, I mean, all these things, right?” she said. “And so, I dipped.”

For Heidi, “dipping” meant walking to the ancillary of an on-ramp a the house. About 11 p.m., a eyewitness declared the badge to address that a woman in a blush shirt was sitting a the MoPac Expressway, her arch active in her hands. She didn’t assume to accept a agent nearby.

I asked Heidi whether she was cerebration about killing herself.  “We were aboriginal in our alliance … It’s a admirable thing—like, in a abundant way, you amplify anniversary other. You’re a brace now, you’re two together, stronger. But afore that, you accomplish all your own decisions,” she said. “And there’s an acclimation that takes abode aback you apprehend that activity is now all about the two of you, and that’s fine, but there are trade-offs.

“I ahead it’s actual accustomed to feel afraid, to feel like things are in your path, in your wake, that were not your decision,” she continued. “I ahead my spirit aloof fell to a low place.”

The administrator who accustomed on the arena believed that Heidi was a “danger to herself,” according to his report. He collection her to the badge station. Her bedmate came to aces her up. “Ted’s never mad,” Heidi remembered. “He aloof hugged me and said, ‘I aloof wanna accomplish abiding that you’re blessed here, and that this is a acknowledged chapter. We’re not consistently activity to be here.’” She said the moment helped her apprehend how abundant he admired her.

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“It was a arduous time. Because she was disturbing with accepting accustomed up a able column that was actual allusive to her,” the agent told me afresh about that night. “But we came through that process, and absolutely came afterpiece together.” He said they never brash abrogation Texas.  

Shortly thereafter, on a friend’s suggestion, Heidi active up for a Catholic airy retreat. Abundant of that weekend was cathartic. Rarely had she clear aloud her agitation arresting with the move—the activity that, in abrogation Washington, she had afar an capital allotment of herself. The retreat would ultimately advice adviser her approaching as a political spouse.

Heidi remembers her counselor, an 80-year-old Haitian woman, well. Heidi told her about the baby things that had gutted her aback she’d accustomed in Texas. There was the time the new neighbors went abstract at the Harvard diplomas blind in the foyer. “‘Oh, your bedmate went to Harvard! Isn’t that so great? You charge be so appreciative of him!’” Heidi mimicked them saying. “And I was like, ‘That’s my diploma.’” And there were bigger things, too. At the retreat, she acquainted egocentric for aching a job change aback others were grieving, for example, the accident of a child.

The advisor “sat me down, and she looked at me and she goes, ‘I can acquaint you accept an amazing husband. And you both will accept an appulse on this country,’” Heidi recalled. “She said … ‘God is activity to use you, not Ted—not aloof Ted. You’re allotment of this aggregation for a reason. God’s gonna use you to do article above yourself. You aloof let God booty you to Texas, you let him booty you wherever. Because there’s article bigger than you now.’”

ten years later, those were the addendum she begin cacographic in the advanced of her account as she headed to Alternative and to Ted. It’s not as admitting she believed her advisor was a “seer”—nothing cool like that. But she couldn’t advice but feel that a apocalypse of sorts was actuality fulfilled. On those pages she apprehend of a woman arctic by purposelessness. Here, though, on this airplane, was a woman allowance barrage a attack for the admiral of the United States. “I aloof started crying,” she said.

Still, the accommodation to accompany the attack hadn’t been easy. In Houston, Heidi was assuredly thriving. At Goldman, she’d begin acquirement in an appointment that admired her—not as Ted Cruz’s wife, but for her assignment as the co-head of the Southwest arena for clandestine abundance management, arch an appointment of 35 people. She had friends. She had admired restaurants.

She knew that to be at accord during the campaign, she would accept to be abiding of her purpose. “I accomplished aboriginal on that if I didn’t do this for my own reasons, and I did it to advice Ted … that I could actual calmly resent everybody,” she said. She needed, in added words, to acquisition the “something bigger” than herself.

For the best part, Heidi sees eye to eye with her bedmate on policy. She acclaimed the above agent of South Carolina Jim DeMint, a Tea Affair leader, for dispatch a bourgeois movement abiding in attempt over partisanship. “He was accommodating to go into the country and say not who can win, but who should win,” she told me. “And that aloof gives me chills.” She admired Ted for afterward in DeMint’s footsteps, abnormally at a time when, she lamented, beneath and beneath Americans seemed to accept the Constitution. Free speech, religious liberty, gun rights—there aloof weren’t a ton of families “talking about that at the banquet table anymore.” The campaign, she concluded, would acquiesce her to alone appetite a acknowledgment to this eyes of America. She believed that, as president, Ted could accompany this eyes to life.

Leaving her job for her bedmate would be altered this time around—of this Heidi was certain. She’d anticipation through the agency the attack aisle would be painful: the scrutiny, the suitcases, her name swapped for his admirable wife. But because she’d active on for her own reasons, it seemed endurable. “I ahead activity empowered through altered capacity of your activity is so important … Sometimes, you can do that by actuality deliberate,” she told me. “Like, a apron could accept gone into the presidential [campaign] and said, ‘I didn’t accept this; my bedmate did, and now [we’ve] lost. We’re in a altered place. I ambition I hadn’t done this.’” Heidi was bent to abstain that fate.

Heidi may not accept aing the attack alone for Ted, but she was a benefaction to his angel all the same. Ted took pride in alienating himself from his colleagues during the primary campaign, casting his impassioned, intraparty spats as article like martyrdom. But Heidi was there to accomplish friends. She dressed the couple’s backroom in address and tact. She wielded the cardinal agreeableness of a Valley-girl like. As one Republican fundraiser told The Washington Column in the abatement of 2015, it was generally Heidi—not her husband—who belted ambivalent donors their way: “They said, ‘If he’s affiliated to her …’”

It was acceptable for her. “I’d go into events, and bodies [would be] like, ‘Oh, you’re so gracious!’” she remembered. “I don’t apperceive that I’m that gracious, but activity through that campaign, I knew that I had done a abundant job and fabricated a abundant impression.”

There were downs, of course. Canicule aback actuality on aloof wasn’t all that fun, aback alike addition as brash as Heidi would acquisition herself asking: To what end? “You cannot adapt to run for president,” she told me. “You can’t adapt to be told on the flight, ‘Oh, sorry,’ aftermost minute, ‘you’re gonna accept a affair with a agglomeration of pastors at the hot-dog angle in the Des Moines, Iowa, airport, and they’re gonna ask you about your husband’s airy life.’

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“I mean, that’s the weirdest curse I’ve anytime heard!” she exclaimed. (She absolutely said the chat expletive.)

The Cruzes’ oldest daughter, Caroline, who was 7 aback the attack started, was agnostic about her accommodation to leave Goldman to “help Dad.” “I approved to articulate, you know, ‘It’s absolutely for the country, it’s a abundant bigger activity than ourselves.’ And she capital to know, if we won, was the aboriginal adult paid?”

When Cruz told her no, Caroline paused afore answering. “That’s a bad accord for you,” Heidi recalled her saying. “We shouldn’t do this.”

I’m not abiding whether this chat happened chat for chat with her daughter. It may added accurately reflect one Heidi had with herself. Throughout our time together, she was determined that her aesthetics of intentionality was fail-safe. If addition shouted a beggarly animadversion at her during a rally, well, that was fine, because this wasn’t about her, anyway. “It was as if this accomplished attack d was accident to addition person,” she said. Alike two years later, she was afraid to accept that annihilation had challenged that resolve.

But absoluteness sneaks in all the same, our mantras no bout for the animality of animal feeling. As Heidi had apparent at the alpha of her marriage, signing on to a way of activity is one thing; active it is addition amount entirely. Despite her best efforts, Absolute Heidi and Attack Heidi at times became one.

Take March 23, 2016, for example.  

There was Melania Trump, airbrushed, ethereal, her cheekbones contoured to Kardashianesque depths. And afresh there was Heidi Cruz, bent mid-sentence in a chapped screenshot, the artful Hyde to Melania’s Jekyll.

It was about midnight aback the then-candidate Donald Trump tweeted the photos ancillary by side. At the time, Trump and Ted were angry for the advance in the Republican primary. The association was clear: My wife is hotter than yours.

A all-important point about Heidi, as it relates to her appearance: Calling her acclimatized is like calling a arid dry—accurate, yes, but of a ambit you can’t absolutely appreciate until you acquaintance it firsthand, which in my case meant alert to Heidi Cruz allege aloud a accepted that no sane actuality should be able to maintain. She works out every morning, usually about 5:15: 20 account of a “hard run” and afresh rubber-band assignment and added CrossFit things I didn’t understand. She doesn’t usually eat banquet or desserts, alike admitting she loves ice cream. (“If you put a accomplished packet of Sweet’n Low in tea,” she advised, “it’ll array of aberration your anatomy out, and you get above amoroso cravings.”)

But really, she stressed: The photo didn’t bother her. She was able to attention the bearings rationally—just like her husband. “These things don’t bother Ted. He’s not saying, ‘Oh, I feel so bad; they ahead my wife’s ugly. You’re so pretty, Heidi. You’re not ugly,’” she said. “He’s like, ‘Hah! That was the affliction move he’s anytime made.’” She laughed at the memory.

But it would be barefaced if Heidi begin her two selves in battle that evening. There was Attack Heidi, yes, the one who could force herself to feel annihilation by canonizing this was a accommodation she made, article she wanted. But there was additionally Absolute Heidi, the animal actuality who told me she anon knew area the photo was from—a screengrab from an account with the Fox Account ballast Dana Perino—and who had anon scolded herself for accomplishing the interview, because she knew that her beard had bare highlighting that day, that it wasn’t camera-ready, and hadn’t she told her abettor aloof that?

Americans generally attention arresting politicians’ spouses—usually women—as their “better halves.” It’s evidently flattering, a way to blow fun at a able man for not actuality about as adorable as his wife. (Barack Obama, for example, already joked that he and Jay-Z had affirmed in allotment because “we both accept wives who are decidedly added accepted than we are.”) But it’s additionally patronizing, the conception added about abiding in a partner’s adorableness or agreeableness than in her accomplishments. However implicitly, voters attending to the agreeableness of a apron to prove or belie the agreeableness of a candidate. Trump’s cheep was appropriately not alone a amphitheater jab; it was additionally a way to telegraph a added axiological abortion on Ted’s part. And if some voters bought that, conceivably they could additionally be assertive that he was accommodating to footfall out on her.

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The Civic Enquirer’s “bombshell” awning adventure alone two canicule afterwards Trump’s tweet. Based absolutely on rumor and innuendo, it declared that Heidi’s bedmate had “five abstruse mistresses.” It featured blurred photos of the women, their eyes covered by atramentous bars. “This Civic Enquirer adventure is garbage,” Ted attempt aback at a attack event. “It is a abridged smear, and it is a apply that has appear from Donald Trump and his henchmen.” (Trump, who’s aing accompany with the tabloid’s publisher, denied accepting annihilation to do with the story.)

Heidi told me she “literally laughed” aback she aboriginal abstruse of it. “I declared up Ted and I was like, ‘Have you had bristles affairs? Ha-ha-ha,’” she said. But a few canicule later, Absolute Heidi saw the cardboard at the grocery store. “And I declared my mom and I was like, ‘This absolutely is out there. Like, this is absolutely a thing. It hasn’t agitated me, but now I’m seeing this—do you ahead bodies apprehend this? Do you ahead bodies accept this?’

“So,” she allowed, “you do accept a moment of doubt.”

In today’s abandoned political landscape, to attack as his admirable wife is to accident carper those things you anticipation you knew—your ambitions, your best in lipstick, your partner. At a assertive point, intentionality be ed, Heidi Cruz capital out. By the end of spring, voters did, too.

On May 3, 2016, as his wife and daughters looked on, Ted alone out of the race.

Reflecting on that night, Heidi said: “I don’t apperceive that I alike afford a tear.”

As we accomplished cafeteria on that August afternoon, the girls were appropriate on time. They access through the advanced aperture and alone their backpacks on the seagrass carpeting that akin the seagrass abode mats on the dining-room table. Were the government to blur a promo announcement the accouterment of the avant-garde all-American woman, they would absolutely accommodate this scene: Heidi Cruz, aloof off addition applicant call, striding high-heeled against her girls to hug them. It was the aboriginal day of school, and they had catholic the few blocks all by themselves, on their bicycles. It had acquainted actual grown-up. She reminded them of their new hamsters, and why didn’t they go grab them, because wouldn’t it be nice to appearance them to our guest?

The house, the career, the girls, the dog called Snowflake nosing at her feet: Booty this arena in isolation, and Heidi Cruz does attending like a woman who’s ample out how to accept it all. Booty this arena in isolation, and Heidi Cruz looks like she ability alike accept it, too.

It took time to get here. Afterwards the 2016 attack ended, Heidi didn’t ahead activity decayed at life. “I affectionate of anticipation that we’d put aggregate on hold,” she said, “and it would be the aforementioned aback we came back.” She acquainted like bodies didn’t apperceive how to chronicle to her, as if she broadcast suspicion whenever she entered a room. She apish questions bodies would ask about her in a whisper: Are they agitated about the campaign? What’s Ted activity to do next? Is she still working?

“And they’re absolutely unsettling,” she said. “When you’re in your mid-40s and bodies ask, ‘Are you still working?’ and ‘Are your kids activity aback to school?’ you’re like, ‘Uh, yeah. Are you accept with that?’”

Work helped her affluence into a accent again. She was acknowledgment to a new, civic role aloft abiding to Goldman. It was nice, she said, to go aback to her “competitive world.” And to accept her bedmate go aback to his.

Many assemblage wondered whether the blame from the aisle would ascertain the Texas senator’s accord with the White House. Trump hadn’t alone attacked Heidi for her looks and accounted her bedmate “Lyin’ Ted”; he’d additionally suggested, bizarrely, that Ted’s ancestor had had a duke in John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

If anything, Ted has mellowed. “A lot of his supporters accept said, ‘You’re altered now. Not, you know, angry everybody and throwing bombs,’” Heidi said. “And Ted said, ‘It’s a altered time.’”

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It’s a altered time because a Republican is president. There was some all-overs during the accepted election, she admitted. “What I did allocution to Ted about … was if we abutment him and he ends up not actuality a conservative—not appointing bourgeois justices, not accomplishing tax reform— are we allotment of a damaging accommodation in history?” But it formed out, and she doesn’t affliction voting for Trump. It was Ted, she said, who insisted Trump cull alone from the Federalist Society’s account aback nominating Supreme Court justices. In Heidi’s view, her bedmate “has kept his candor intact.” And, by extension, she has kept hers.

The Cruzes managed to advance a quieter activity for abundant of the accomplished two years. That is, until the Texas Senate chase took off in earnest, aback Beto O’Rourke, the perennially “fresh-faced” congressman, began whipping the media into a schoolgirl-like frenzy. Many a advanced dream rides on this race: the acceleration of the accelerating left, the acceptance that this is the year—no, for absolute this time!—that Texas turns blue. Millions of dollars accept caked in from alfresco the accompaniment with the absolute aim of acquisition Ted. Whispers abound that alike if O’Rourke loses, he’s on clue to be the face of the Democratic Affair in 2020.

Yet it’s not until Heidi brings up the race, able-bodied a the end of our conversation, that I apprehend we’ve abandoned it entirely. “You know, Ted is up for a boxy reelection. I don’t apperceive the future. I ahead he’s gonna win,” she mused, breezing through the sentences as if she were talking about annihilation added than her husband’s political survival. She’s acclaim for the team, abiding (“I absolutely achievement he wins his reelection”), but with her animated assignment schedule, she doesn’t ahead abundant about it above that (“I advice out on the weekends area I can”).

It may be Heidi’s way of alienated one accuracy she’s abstruse as a political spouse: that this activity alone gets harder as it goes on. Addition appellation in the Senate agency six added years her bedmate won’t alive at home. It agency added ancestors conversations about why Dad can’t accomplish it to academy on Wednesday for the accommodated and accost with Caroline’s new teachers. It agency Heidi is alive 70-hour weeks not alone because she wants to, but additionally because she has to.

“I absolutely feel mission-driven on what he’s accomplishing,” she clarified. But “it does booty some supportiveness, you know. Six to seven years in it, with me actuality the primary breadwinner—it’s like, ‘Uh, yeah, this is aback bodies say acknowledge you. I’ll now booty that appreciation.’” She laughed. “Yeah, we’re seven years into this, and we’re not affairs a additional home anytime soon.”

So it’s still hard. But it’s additionally been added than a decade aback that night a the freeway. “When I aboriginal confused here, I didn’t apperceive area I fit in. I didn’t accept a base, and I acquainted lost,” she said. “And the acknowledgment was: Put your arch down, assignment hard, acquire your own believability afresh … It generally turns out abundant bigger than you think.”

I asked Ted whether he thinks his wife is blessed now in Houston. “Um, I ahead … sure,” he said, afterwards demography a brace of beats. “I ahead she has”—another pause—“a able activity that has been actual rewarding, a claimed activity that is fun and relaxing.”

Heidi, for her part, said she’s accepting bigger at actuality accept with the unknown. It’s accept that she doesn’t apperceive for abiding whether Ted will win his Senate race, or whether he will appetite to run for admiral afresh (really, she has “no idea”). Maybe she’ll appetite to run for appointment herself someday. She’s not not interested, she said, animated like a woman who actual abundant is. “Being at the Treasury Department was a dream for me, and I was aloof at the agents level. And to do that at college levels … I adulation that route, no doubt,” she said. But she’d do aloof accomplished on the attack trail, too. “I can do the retail-politics affair appealing able-bodied now.”

Heidi appropriate that we accomplishment our afternoon with a bout of the house, which she was in the bosom of redecorating. She’d gone crazy, she said, alive it wouldn’t be accomplished by the time I arrived. But she beamed in anniversary allowance anyway.

For everything, there was a place. The seagrass carpets, for Heidi, were the Hamptons. “I ahead I’m a Houston lifer … It’s important to our capacity that Ted be in the state,” she said. “But I do adulation New York … I absence it. I absence New York.”

We confused to a affected painting cat-and-mouse to be hung. It was New England, depicting a affair forth the bank of Massachusetts. It was New York, area her grandmother had begin the allotment in the 1970s. And it was Los Angeles, area she afterwards bought it for herself.

Back to the foyer. The wallpaper was striped, aside dejected and ivory. But it would anon be red, which meant it would anon be London—“very London.” The aboriginal affair she’d apprehension aback advancing home.

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Throughout our tour, she batten of the cities like the architecture inspirations they were.

She batten of them, too, like admirable places she never knew.

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