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Adriana Lima absolutely commits. At the age of 17, she confused all the way from Salvador, Brazil, to New York Burghal to become one of the best acclaimed faces in the world. She’s been a Victoria’s Secret Angel aback 2000, and has absolved in every one of its shows since. She’s a committed mother to two daughters, Valentina and Sienna, age-old 8 and 6, respectively. The account goes on—what you charge to apperceive is that aback Adriana Lima puts her activity into something, she’s all the way in. Even aback it comes to buzz interviews.

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When I affix with Lima, it’s backward August, which is vacation time for the appearance industry above-mentioned to the aerodrome shows that alpha in September. You know, that apathetic aeon of the year aback it seems like every archetypal in the apple is announcement Instagram appetite accessories from the accouter of a yacht? That’s backward August. Lima, however, is not in Sardinia, but calling from her home abject in Miami, not continued afterwards a ancestors cruise with her daughters to appointment the Everglades. I know, because aback I attack to accomplish baby allocution with Lima about how her summer is going, she launches into a seven-minute zoology assignment about the misconceptions of alligators. In conversation, as on the runway, the woman is a force.

As our babble hopped from Lima’s accepted projects to Game of Thrones to how the appearance industry has afflicted over the accomplished decade, the 37-year-old answers every catechism with aboveboard openness, and no abridgement of camp charm. Aback I assuredly end the babble to acquiesce Lima—long one of the bigger earners in her profession (she was fourth on Forbes’ account of highest-paid models aftermost year at $10.5 million, advanced of the brand of Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss)—to get aback to her supermodel life, she responds, “You appetite to apperceive what I’m activity to be accomplishing now? I’m about to apple-pie my garage. Actual glamorous.”

Here, a aboveboard babble with the world’s best personable bombshell.

How was your summer?

It has been admirable actuality in Miami. Usually we travel, but this year we absitively to break home, and we had a admirable time with the kids and had some ancestors appear into town. We went to the Everglades, and it was great. The girls were air-conditioned excited, but I was affectionate of abashed of the alligators. I was like, “Oh, my God.” But it was an alarming experience. We took the baiter ride, and were the aboriginal ones of the day, which I heard was the best time to go; you can see the best alligators during that time. Sienna was the aboriginal one to atom an alligator in the bushes. I was like, “Wow, she has such amazing eyes, because it isn’t accessible to acquisition them there.” We additionally abstruse a lot. You know, they are absolutely actual affectionate animals. It’s unbelievable. Basically, aback you are a them, they accessible their mouths and their backbone is aback they aing it. It’s all about the faculty of the tongue. That was an absorbing actuality I didn’t know. I anticipation they would be like, There is a human, I’m activity to chaw it. It was absolutely different.

This is additionally a fun actuality to know: The Everglades is a abundant abode for abyss to hide, in the jungle. Aback in the day, they acclimated to go there and hide. But this is many, many, abounding years ago. Now it’s protected. And there are additionally bears at assertive times. We anesthetized trees, and you can see some of the claws. It was a absolutely absorbing ancestors trip. I absolutely acclaim it. I anticipation it was activity to be too hot, but the kids absolutely enjoyed it; they did so well, and there was no complaining. And it’s absolute for school, because they allocution about the Everglades during the academy year, abnormally actuality in Miami. Now that academy is advancing back, they accept these projects about, “What did you do this summer?” and this is acceptable for the accouchement to share.

What grades are they in?

Valentina is activity into the third grade, she is 8 years old, and Sienna is activity into the aboriginal grade. It is so funny, they are so excited. They are starting academy aing Monday, and for the accomplished seven days, they’ve been waiting. Their backpacks are ready. They are like, “How abounding canicule until academy starts?” They can’t wait. I’m the one who is sad. They are way added aflame than me. But I’m blessed that they are happy.

As aboriginal and third graders, what are they absolutely into appropriate now?

Sienna, I don’t apperceive what capacity she’ll be absorbed in because this is the aboriginal year that she’ll be attractive to absolute capacity and attractive at them a little added seriously. I accept that she’ll be acceptable at grammar and math. She is already reading—not 100 percent perfect, but absolutely well. She will accept agitation on assertive words, but will t up absolutely fast. And Valentina loves math. She’s actual acceptable at math. And she’s bedeviled with science. She loves annihilation to do with plants and animals. She loves the National Geographic Channel and loves National Geographic Kids magazine. During the Everglades [trip], she was adage all the facts about the animals with the instructors. It was absolutely funny. She’s absolutely into it.

Do they accept admired singers?

Yes. Valentina’s aboriginal adulation of music was Alicia Keys. I approved to comedy “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and she was like, “Whatever, what is this?” But she admired Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson. Sienna additionally brand Michael Jackson and Katy Perry. Katy Perry is her favorite. We accept some accompany actuality in Miami that accept a guitar boutique and there was a clandestine accident with some of the associates of KISS—Gene Simmons was there, and he was talking about memorable moments of the bandage and he sang a few songs. I brought the kids there and he gave some ability to them, and that was their aboriginal acquaintance with bedrock ’n’ roll. Aback then, they are bedeviled with bedrock ’n’ roll. They accept to the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. They do their arch banging, and it’s so funny. I adulation it. They are absorbed in arena guitar, so now I’m attractive for a teacher. Valentina and Sienna already booty piano classes, but now they would like to booty guitar. It’s so cool. Aftermost Sunday, the ancestors was actuality and they put on a appearance for them. They sang a few songs and played piano. It was ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”

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Do they comedy able-bodied together?

Overall, yes.

Do they accept uniforms for school, or do they dress themselves?

They accept uniforms for school, but they can chose their shoes. It’s actual funny because the uniforms are the same, but they get absolutely captious with the socks. It’s so awe-inspiring to me, because they all attending the same. They’re like, “No, these are different.” I’m like, “Okay, again you aces your socks.” That’s the affair that they absolutely appearance absorption in. Alfresco of school, they dress themselves.

Do they accept to you aback you advance a assertive outfit?

Of advance not! They accept their own personalities, and they should accurate themselves about they want. I am absolutely blessed that aback it comes to that they don’t accept to me. I don’t absolutely accord them ideas. I’m all about them bathrobe up and acrimonious their own clothes.

Have they apparent your closet yet?

Oh, my God, they adulation my closet. It’s their admired thing. Let me acquaint you what they did today. I got aback to my house, and I saw them agilely charwoman my walls. I don’t see annihilation on the walls, so I’m aggravating to amount out what happened. I’m like, “What’s activity on here.” What they did was they went to my allowance and managed to lock themselves in there. They adulation makeup, and I don’t apperceive what they did, but some of it concluded up on the bank and the floor. It was gone aback I returned, but they were finishing up cleaning. It was still on Sienna’s face a little bit. This was the aboriginal time [they did that].

Do they apperceive what you do for a job?

Yes, they understand. They apperceive that I’m a archetypal and I’ve been on television presenting a show, and they apperceive that Mommy is additionally a businesswoman. They understand.

When was the aboriginal time they asked questions about it?

They never asked, funny enough. Somehow, they consistently understood. They’d be on set with me a few times, so they accept that I booty a account and again the account comes out in a magazine. It was never a question. They get actual excited, actually, aback they see it.

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Do they anytime appetite to get in advanced of the camera aback you’re on set?

Valentina did. She brand it. But Sienna is added shy; she doesn’t like it too much. We absolutely did a photo shoot calm a few years ago with Bruce Weber, and it was me, Valentina, and Sienna. It was interesting. Valentina was so into it. They anticipation it was Santa Claus demography the photo.

If they capital to archetypal in a few years, would you abutment them?

Yes, as continued as they are happy. Definitely.

Since acceptable a mom, accept you afflicted the jobs you booty or your access to modeling?

Becoming a mom was one of the greatest things in my life. But it’s not easy. There are challenges, and a lot of bodies thought, She aloof fell aback into modeling. It’s not like that. There’s a lot of assignment involved. There are a lot of workouts. Bodies think, Oh, maybe there is “ab-washing.” There is no ab-washing in the Victoria’s Secret Appearance Show. We are in lingerie on TV, and it is a high-definition TV. Anticipate about that. If you anticipate there is airbrushing, aloof attending at the girls in that show. There is no such affair as airbrushing for the girls in that show.

After acceptable a mom, it wasn’t easy. I assignment out like an athlete, because there is a lot of training and focus put into it. The aberration amid me and an amateur is that they usually go home and nap to blow in amid workouts, and I abide my conditioning with the children. There is no nap time for me. But I don’t affliction any of the abundant things or abundant challenges. It’s a abundant archetype for the girls. I adulation to assignment out. It’s a affection that I have. And yet, there are canicule aback I cannot hit the gym because I’m so busy.

You do column your workouts on Instagram. How abundant do you anticipate about what you column afore putting it on amusing media?

I don’t anticipate about it. It’s not a anticipation process. I action by the feeling. I do aggregate with feeling. I try to use amusing media as an afflatus to women, or anyone. In a absolute way, I try to appearance that any challenges that may appear your way, you’ve got this. I try to appearance how you can accomplish your concrete bloom better, or your mind. I try to appearance things that would be benign for anyone that is attractive for something. I’m aloof aggravating to be helpful.

Is there annihilation you advisedly don’t post?

I am a clandestine person, so there are things about my clandestine activity that I don’t allotment much. Nothing in my clandestine activity will be advantageous in your life. The way I assignment out could be advantageous to you. But how can my clandestine activity admonition you? I don’t see how.

Do you appearance Instagram as allotment of your job?

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Instagram is a allotment of my job, yes, but I use it as a absolute influence, and how to become your bigger self—how to become stronger in every way. I use it in that way—not to get jobs, but as a way to admonition and allotment little moments. That’s what amusing media is about; it’s a apparatus that you accept to allotment assertive moments that could be advantageous to someone.

Do you feel there is a aberration in how you access amusing media and how the adolescent bearing of models might?

You know, anybody has the abandon to use their amusing media about they want. It’s altered with girls like me, with moms, with businesspeople. It’s altered with adorableness bloggers, or whatever. Anybody has their own way of sharing, so I can’t analyze myself with alone one blazon of person. Anybody shares their altered points. You aloof accept to anticipate what apparel you and what apparel your own lifestyle.

You alternate to the balustrade over the summer for Paris Haute Couture in the Miu Miu show. How do you booty in an acquaintance like that?

I was actual excited. It has been some time aback I did those shows, so I was absolutely emotional. The casting was done by [W’s Contributing Appearance Editor] Katie Grand, and in agreement of creators, she is one of the best. I’m consistently beholden to be complex in annihilation that is accompanying to Katie. She is consistently cerebration alfresco the box, and that’s what makes her unique. Miu Miu was wonderful.

What was it like walking with all the added models and actresses who absolved in that accurate show?

Oh, my God. Gwen [Gwendoline Christie] was wonderful. Aboriginal of all, Game of Thrones and her character—I aloof anticipate she is ablaze and such a abundant actor. Seeing her in absolute life, she is such a admirable person, and so active and so fun. We had a adventitious to adhere out for a few canicule in Paris, and she’s actual affectionate and loving. And she is so tall. I accept to say, she is an avatar.

Did you ask her for any Game of Thrones spoilers?

You apperceive what, no. I don’t appetite to know. I appetite to watch it. We talked about aggregate but Game of Thrones.

When you do shows now, do the adolescent girls appear to you for advice?

[At Miu Miu] there weren’t abounding adolescent girls. It was affectionate of a reunion—there was Jaime King, who I’ve accepted for over 10 years. It was a admirable gathering. But you’d be surprised. I haven’t had anyone allurement me for advice. I anticipate they are absolutely defended about themselves.

Who are some of the girls you’ve kept in blow with over the years?

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I adulation Karen Elson and Alek Wek. They are absolutely admirable ladies. The botheration is, I alive in Miami, and they are all over the place. I anticipate I am the alone archetypal from my time who lives in Miami. Anybody is in L.A.. and New York, so it’s adamantine to accumulate the accord aback we are not in the aforementioned city.

Do you still adore activity to Appearance Week?

I adulation my job. I adulation Appearance Week. I adore it so much. Otherwise, I would accept abdicate it a continued time ago.

How accept you apparent Appearance Week change aback aback you aboriginal started?

I accept amusing media is alteration Appearance Week. Before, to see a designer’s collection, you had to delay for the campaign, or to see a appearance show, you had to delay for the pictures to appear out in assertive magazines. Now aggregate is instant.

Do you like that?

I anticipate it is great, but I don’t apperceive how it is for your business. For me, it’s great, but appearance has changed. I accept that models, photographers, magazines, now we charge to acclimate to that change. I don’t apperceive how, but we charge to adapt. We are acquirements and we are entering that amusing and agenda era.

Are there still any jobs or projects that you haven’t done yet that you still appetite to do?

Yes. I still appetite to get an Italian Vogue cover. And I accept article abroad [exciting] advancing up this year that I’m not accessible to allotment yet. And I will be absorption on health, nutrition, and workouts [in the future].

Let’s allocution about this shoot that you did for W—was it a fun one to shoot?

Oh, it was wonderful. The abode was wonderful. Everywhere you looked was a little detail. It was an amazing abode to be. It was air-conditioned ‘60s inspired.

It’s about like a awakening housewives shoot. Do you watch the Absolute Housewives?

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I don’t watch absoluteness TV. I like [scripted] series. I aloof started watching Orange Is the New Black, and I accomplished the aftermost division of Vikings. I’m obsessed. I adulation Vikings.

Do you accept any accusable pleasures?

I anticipate I charge an amend in my music playlist. Afterwards accepting the children, I’m never adapted with music. I don’t go out anymore. So whenever new music comes out, I don’t apperceive unless I apprehend it from addition else. My accompany actuality in Miami are all in the aforementioned bearings as me; we’re all moms and activity to bed at 8:30 p.m. I apperceive Shakira is activity to be in Miami tonight, but I’m not going. One of my friends—she’s an MMA fighter, her name is Amanda Nunes—called me this morning, like, “Are you activity to the Shakira concert?” I consistently try to go to concerts, but it never works out. I don’t apperceive why; either article with the kids or work. I apperceive Jay-Z and Beyoncé are coming, and I was attractive at the tickets. I consistently apperceive who is coming, but I can never be there.

You do get the ultimate concert at the Victoria’s Secret show.

It’s true, at atomic I get that. That’s how I apperceive what are activity to be the hit songs. I get adapted acknowledgment to the Victoria’s Secret show. The girls there acquaint me all the music.

Who has been your admired performer?

They all were amazing. Aback that artisan accomplish onstage, you see them in a altered way again you’re acclimated to seeing them, from Beyoncé to Jay-Z to Kanye West. RiRi was incredible. The best absorbing to me was Justin Timberlake. Aback he sang “SexyBack,” it was the aboriginal time I saw him perform. He’s unbelievable. He’s accomplished at singing, he’s a abundant musician, and he can dance. Usually, the men assuming are affectionate of boring—they accept the articulation and the talent, but they’re not acceptable at agreeable with the people. He has that added thing. That’s one of a kind.

Is it still agitative for you to be in the appearance afterwards all these years?

Always. It’s activity to be until the end of my life. The moment I’m not there anymore, I’ll apparently accept clandestine shows in my house.

Do you anticipate about stopping?

No. I’ve never talked about stopping. I’ve never anticipation about it. But I apperceive there will be a moment of transition.

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