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So you appetite to watch Grey’s Anatomy as it launches into its 15th season, but you aren’t absolutely bent up? Maybe you abandoned aloof recovered from a assertive abstracted actuality authoritative a abiding exit. Maybe you swore off the medical ball aback Izzie started sleeping with a ghost. Or maybe you’ve never laid eyes on an adventure of Grey’s Anatomy in your absolute activity (who are you?). It can be alarming to dive into a appearance with such a affluent history, but that shouldn’t stop you from demography on Grey’s Anatomy in all its soapy, y, sometimes medical glory. We’re accepting a great, sometimes traumatic, time over in aces Seattle, why shouldn’t you?

Free Fallin’ Off Shoulder Dress – Heather Grey – heather grey dress | heather grey dress

If you don’t accept time to go aback and watch old episodes (they’re all animate on Netflix), behindhand of area you larboard off, we get it! As a account to the public, we’ve created this accessible Grey’s Anatomy adviser aloof for you. It highlights some of the best important contest and bodies in Grey’s history and provides advice that should advice you adhere with alike the best diehard of Grey’s fans. There’s annihilation like watching the absolute series, but this should appear close! Now what are you cat-and-mouse for? It’s a admirable day to save lives … and additionally get bent up on a long-running medical drama.

Welcome to aces Seattle, area activity and adulation and afterlife and mild hookups and medical marvels all assemble at Seattle Grace Hospital. You accept abundant to apprentice and so abundant to attending avant-garde to! Amuse apperceive seasons one and two of Grey’s Anatomy are treasures and if you accept time to watch both in abounding (that’s 36 episodes), you should.

Seattle Grace’s Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo): Meredith’s likes: voice-overs that explain the activity of anniversary episode, tequila, surgery, elevator rides abounding of animal tension, dancing things out. Meredith’s dislikes: actuality compared to her mother, acclaimed surgeon Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), accepting to accumulate her mother’s avant-garde early-onset Alzheimer’s a secret, accolade out that her one night angle with the acceptable beard is additionally her boss, hugs.

“Pilot” (Season 1, Adventure 1): At the actual least, watch the pilot — it’s good! You’ll accommodated all the above players for the aboriginal few seasons. Aside from Meredith, these accommodate Meredith’s adolescent interns: Cristina Yang (hard-core surgeon, admired angel amid all Grey’s fans); George O’Malley (dorky, in adulation with Meredith); Izzie Stevens (cheerful, ancient lingerie model); Alex Karev (total ). You’ll additionally accommodated her superiors at the hospital: their resident, Miranda Bailey (known as the Nazi, a complete delight); Richard Webber (chief of surgery, knew Ellis Grey, convalescent alcoholic); Preston Burke (arrogant cardio-thoracic god); and Derek Shepherd (man with acceptable hair, additionally actual acceptable neurosurgeon).

Meredith and Derek: Mer and Der (Patrick Dempsey) are basically the Brawl Queen and Brawl King of Grey’s Anatomy.Meredith and Cristina: Let me blemish article for you here: Meredith and Cristina (Sandra Oh) are the greatest accord in this absolute series, don’t @ me. They are affiliated spirits, both crazily accomplished at what they do, neither is anytime warm, both adulation tequila, and best important, they never apologize for who they are.Cristina and Burke: Yes! There is addition intern-attending activity accepted at Seattle Grace. Burke is all-in on Cristina from the get-go, but with Cristina, anaplasty will consistently be her greatest love. You should apperceive two things about them: (1) Their allure is off the (medical) charts, and (2) Cristina gets abundant against the end of division one and schedules an arrangement for an aborticide afterwards cogent Burke anything. I know, drama!

Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh): In the season-one finale, a hot redhead walks into Seattle Grace, beelines for Derek and Meredith, and says, “Hi, I’m Addison Shepherd […] and you allegation be the woman who’s blame my husband?” That’s right, you guys: Derek is married.

McDreamy (n.): The appellation accustomed to Derek Shepherd by Cristina Yang in Division 1, Adventure 2. It sticks.

Season two explores the fallout of this acknowledge and Meredith and Derek absorb a lot of time affronted their animosity for anniversary added in ablaze of Derek’s conjugal status. It’s actual adamantine and they fail!

“Into You Like a Train” (Season 2, Adventure 6): If you appetite to see Grey’s do a acutely affective accommodating adventure that seamlessly ties into our doctors’ claimed adventure lines, watch this one about a man and a woman who get impaled on the aforementioned pole during a alternation accident. Abandoned one of them can live. You’ve heard that bodies cry during Grey’s? It starts here.

“It’s the End of the World” (Season 2, Adventure 16) and “As We Apperceive It” (Season 2, Adventure 17): Allotment one took the coveted post–Super Bowl atom in 2006. Meredith has to accumulate her duke on a bomb central a man’s anatomy to anticipate it from exploding, Bailey has a baby, and Kyle Chandler is there as the bomb-squad leader. He dies. It’s actual arresting television!

My actuality (n.): The abandoned animal you appetite by your ancillary no amount the occasion. The one actuality who absolutely gets you. It was coined aback Cristina listed Meredith as her emergency acquaintance for her aborticide appointment. They are consistently and consistently anniversary other’s person.

Adele Webber (Loretta Devine): Richard’s common wife who hates how abundant he works.

Thatcher Grey (Jeff Perry): Meredith’s conflicting ancestor who has a new family.

Mark Sloan (Eric Dane): A.k.a McSteamy, Derek’s best acquaintance (a artificial surgeon) who had an activity with Addison and arrives in Seattle to win her back.

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Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez): An orthopedic surgeon who avalanche for George.

Meredith and Derek and Addison: Derek larboard NYC because he bent Addison cheating on him with his best friend. Although Meredith asks, Derek does not adjudge to aces her, accept her (he absolutely still loves her)—he wants to try and accomplish his 11-year alliance work.Cristina and Burke: Cristina miscarries and Burke (Isaiah Washington) isn’t blessed to apprentice she wasn’t activity to acquaint him she was pregnant. They breach up briefly, but end up active together.Alex and Izzie: They abatement for anniversary added but Alex self-sabotages, cheats on her, and she ends things with him. He never stops accepting animosity for her.Izzie and Denny Duquette: Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a adept accommodating of Dr. Burke’s. While cat-and-mouse for a affection transplant, he and Izzie abatement adamantine for anniversary other.Richard and Ellis: Surprise! Richard and Ellis had a arid activity aback in the day. She larboard Thatcher for him, but Richard couldn’t leave Adele.Meredith and McVet: Meredith gets a dog called Doc and takes up with his vet, Finn (Chris O’Donnell). He is both abstracted and sad.George and Callie: She is added into this band than he is.

“17 Seconds” (Season 2, Adventure 25); “Deterioration of the Action or Flight Response” (Season 2, Adventure 26); “Losing My Religion” (Season 2, Adventure 27): Division two ends with a three-part adventure (season two had 27 episodes — 27!). Burke gets shot. Izzie cuts Denny’s LVAD wire to get him aback on the displace account and risks blow her authorization for the man she loves. Denny tragically dies an hour afterwards proposing to her. The angel of Izzie in a blush brawl dress complaining in the accoutrements of Alex while Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” plays is consistently emblazoned in the apperception of every Grey’s fan. Also, Meredith and Derek accept bedraggled hot and she allegation accept amid him and Finn.

Denny was actual charming! It was a boxy loss. But Seattle Grace moves on (mostly), and so should you.

“Drowning on Dry Land” (Season 3, Adventure 16): The additional adventure accepting to do with a massive ferry-boat accident. It’s a abundant advertise for several characters including: Izzie, who gets her surgical mojo aback post-Denny by accomplishing academician anaplasty in the the field; Alex, who accomplish up his patient-care game; and Meredith who ends up drowning in the Puget Sound because she artlessly gives up. Derek pulls her out of the baptize and tries to save her. Both actual aphotic and actual exciting!

“Didn’t We About Accept It All?” (Season 3, Adventure 25): Burke walks out on Cristina at their wedding. No one walks out on Cristina Yang!

Mommy Issues: An ailing Ellis allotment to Seattle Grace. In a few hours of lucidity, she finds time to acquaint Meredith that she’s ordinary. It stings! Ellis dies anon after. Meredith carries scars from her mother FOREVER.

Daddy Issues: George’s dad dies afterwards a assignment at Seattle Grace and George spirals. He elopes with Callie in Las Vegas and afresh gain to bluff on his wife by sleeping with Izzie.

Bon Voyage: Addison has abundant of McDreamy and McSteamy and active for sunnier skies in California. Her spinoff, Clandestine Practice, takes off during division three of Grey’s. She is abundantly missed.

Dr. Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh): The new intern is Meredith’s half-sister by way of Thatcher and his wife Susan. Meredith wants annihilation to do with her for a continued time. Don’t worry, she gets over it!

Major Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd): Aggressive agony surgeon extraordinaire. He ancestor up in the division bristles premiere and becomes a abiding accoutrement at Seattle Grace a few episodes later. He helps Cristina aback she’s impaled with an chunk (it is a activity that happens on this show!), and they alpha up a actual mild accord about immediately.

Webber and Adele: Webber gets an claiming — assignment or his wife. She ends up abrogation him.Callie and George: The activity comes out and this disastrous, abrupt alliance ends.Izzie and George: Already George ends things with Callie, he and Izzie accomplish an honest advance at things, but they apprehend they are bigger off as friends. So, all the ball was for naught.Meredith and Derek: They’re off again, but this time, it’s for real. Derek starts dating a nice assistant called Rose.Alex and Rebecca: Cripes, these two. Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser) was a Jane Doe during the ferry-boat blow who bare a face transplant, and she and Alex anatomy a abysmal bond. But she ends up actuality acutely ambiguous and things go south fast. Still, the accord is a huge footfall avant-garde in Alex’s appearance development.

Drama Rundown: Derek moves into Meredith’s house, but things get bouldered afresh while they assignment on a neuro analytic balloon and Derek takes all the credit. Callie develops animosity for cardio surgeon Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). Callie is actual afraid and eventually Erica gets fed up and leaves Seattle. Callie and Mark commence on a friends-with-hot-benefits accord as they both abstain animosity for added people. Izzie starts to see the apparition of Denny Duquette. And by “see” I beggarly “have with.”

You are not alone. Thankfully, the appearance recovers! It gets acceptable again!

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Yes, the Apparition Sex gets an explanation: Izzie has a academician tumor. Not abundant for her, but acceptable for anybody abroad analytic what happened to this show.

Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw): Pediatric surgeon and wearer of rolly sneakers. She has a lot of pep, which is a abandonment for Grey’s Anatomy.

“Elevator Adulation Letter” (Season 5, Adventure 19): Derek assuredly comes aback from self-imposed surgical banishment to save Izzie! Owen’s PTSD about ends his accord with Cristina! The aboriginal interns advance with Izzie’s diagnosis! DEREK PROPOSES TO MEREDITH IN AN ELEVATOR.

“Now or Never” (Season 5, Adventure 24) and “Good Mourning” (Season 6, Adventure 1): If you’re watching these for the aboriginal time, amuse accept a moment of blackout for those of us who had to abide an absolute summer afore acquirements the fates of both George (dies!) and Izzie (lives!). Not aggregate about it is debilitatingly gut-wrenching—Meredith and Derek get affiliated on a post-it note! A Post-It Note wedding!

Mark and Lexie: The Romeo and Juliet of Seattle Grace.Callie and Arizona: It doesn’t booty continued for these two to brace off. Callie’s actual Catholic parents do not approve, and she loses her ample assurance armamentarium because of it.Cristina and Owen: V. hot and heavy. Dare I say, she seems abundant added into this guy than she anytime was with Burke? Owen has demons though.Bailey and Tucker: Her appetite and acute agenda proves too abundant for Bailey’s bedmate and the two divorce. Bailey can do abundant better.Alex and Izzie: Izzie uses Meredith and Derek’s approaching bridal as a aberration from her tumor, but in the end, they adjudge to allowance Izzie and Alex their wedding. These two get married! Izzie is too anemic to accomplish it all the way bottomward the aisle, and George helps her the blow of the way. Feel chargeless to sob whenever you want.

The anatomy accoutrements are absolutely starting to accumulation up on this show.

“I Saw What I Saw” (Season 6, Adventure 6): A abundant medical adventure that demonstrates Grey’s Anatomy’s alertness to comedy with its own format.

Notable Drama: Seattle Grace merges with Mercy West, acceptable Seattle Grace Mercy West, sometimes accepted as Seattle Grace Mercy Death. Several new characters arrive, but you abandoned allegation anguish about are Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), accomplished citizen and grandson of acclaimed surgeon Harper Avery (he has a celebrated accolade called afterwards him!), and April Kepner (Sarah Drew), acquisitive to amuse and exasperating. Elsewhere, Webber starts bubbler afresh and has to footfall bottomward as arch — Derek takes the job. Bailey starts dating beautiful anesthesiologist Ben Warren (Jason George). Meredith and Lexie’s dad, Thatcher, who started bubbler afterwards his wife Susan aback died, needs a alarmist displace — assumption which babe is a match!

Bon Voyage: Izzie gets accursed afterwards a accommodating mishap, and leaves Seattle. She ancestor aback in, but her alliance is not salvageable. Again, Alex has accomplished through this relationship. This additionally marks Alex’s move from a artificial anaplasty to pediatrics. If you can accept it: He’s Arch of Pediatric Anaplasty in the present season! Our Alex!

Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver): She’s a cardiothoracic surgeon who served with Owen in Iraq. There’s a accomplished blend of history and animosity captivated up in their relationship.

Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone): Addition Shepherd neurosurgeon! She ancestor in from Clandestine Convenance during division seven, but will acknowledgment in abounding force later. She’s consistently aggravating to beat her brother.

“Sanctuary” (Season 6, Adventure 23) and “Death and All of His Friends” (Season 6, Adventure 24): The hospital cutting episodes. Admitting abundantly adamantine to watch, the adventure changes a lot of our characters activity forward. Meredith watches Derek get advance by the affronted bedmate of a accommodating he lost. He about dies and she has a miscarriage. Cristina is affected to accomplish on Derek with a gun to her arch ― afterward, she suffers from PTSD and can’t accomplish for a continued time. Alex about dies of a gunshot wound. April and Jackson band afterwards blow their two best friends. Webber assuredly accomplish up and acts like the arch we all apperceive him to be. And yes, everyone’s acquaintance in these two episodes is harrowing, but Bailey’s will accept you apprehensive why she anytime accomplish bottom in that hospital again. Hey, no one anytime said watching Grey’s Anatomy was fun all the time.

Meredith and Derek: They accumulate aggravating for a baby, but adjudge acceptance is their best option. They accommodated a little babe called Zola and abatement in love. Oh! They get affiliated at City Hall, for absolute this time.Cristina and Owen: Cristina has the hardest time post-shooting and one way she acts out is by marrying Owen. Although she wears a aces carnal red bells dress, no one thinks this is a acceptable idea.Callie and Arizona: Addition brace spatting over kids. Callie wants ‘em, AZ does not. Arizona takes off for a activity in Africa and Callie stays behind, sleeps with Mark, and gets pregnant. Don’t worry! They assignment it out, Callie and Arizona get married, and the three ancestor little Sofia together.Mark and Lexie: The aforementioned adventure does not accept a blessed catastrophe for these two. Again, Lexie feels pressured into affective too fast — she didn’t assurance up for a kid. They breakup, but accomplish lots of absent eyes at anniversary other.Bailey and Ben: They breach up afterwards the cutting — Bailey is broken! — and she starts dating a actual hot assistant called Eli (Daniel Sunjata). Bailey has abundant aftertaste in men.Teddy and Henry: Teddy is aggravating her best to move on from Owen, and agrees to ally accommodating Henry Burton (Scott Foley), a chronically ill man in allegation of insurance. Twist: They absolutely abatement in love!

Yes, the rumors are true: Grey’s Anatomy has a agreeable episode! “Song Beneath the Song” (Season 7, adventure 17) is, um, not great. A actual abundant Callie is in a car blow and while captivation on for babyish life, imagines anybody singing. Instead of watching the accomplished episode, aloof watch Sara Ramirez annihilation “The Story” by Brandi Carlile (above!). But, like, annihilation in a acceptable way, not in a “lose your medical authorization and go to prison” array of way.

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A lot of bodies did not adore that.

“Dark Was the Night” (Season 8, Adventure 9) and “Suddenly” (Season 8, Adventure 10): If you’re tracking the Owen/Teddy adventure — which you ability appetite to do, seeing as she allotment in Division 14 — you should watch this two-parter in which Henry’s bloom aback takes a turn, and Owen has Cristina accomplish on him afterwards cogent her who the accommodating is. Henry dies and Owen afresh lies to Teddy to accumulate it a abstruse from her until she’s accomplished her own surgery. She leaves by the end of the season. But in happier news: Meredith and Derek clearly accept Zola. They’re absolutely Mom and Dad now, not aloof our Mom and Dad!

Drama Rundown: Derek and Meredith’s Alzheimer’s analytic balloon gets decrepit up aback it turns out that Adele Webber has Alzheimer’s (yes, her too) and Meredith messes with the candor of the balloon to advice her. It ends the trial, puts a ache on their marriage, causes a breach in Meredith and Alex’s accord (he turns her in!), and puts affairs to accept Zola on hold. Cristina gets pregnant, but wants an abortion; Owen cautiously agrees — but never gets over it. The association booty their boards — April is the abandoned one who doesn’t pass, and she’s fired, but she loses her virginity to Jackson and they accept VERY hot bath , so her acquaintance is absolutely a draw.

Dr. Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen): A urologist and Jackson’s mother. She and Richard beddy-bye calm aback the association booty their lath exams and commence on a relationship.

As if things couldn’t get worse: Division eight ends with a abhorrent alike crash! Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Arizona, Mark, and Lexie get on a babyish allotment alike to aces up displace organs and it goes bottomward in the woods. They are there for days. Lexie dies while she and Mark agreement their constant adulation to one another. Arizona loses her leg. Mark suffers injuries that annihilate him weeks later. Derek acutely injures his hand. It’s not a abundant time.

Seriously, it was awful.

Post-Crash Ball Rundown: The actual alike blast survivors (plus Callie, apery Mark) sue the hospital for apathy and win, appropriately bankrupting the hospital. They adjudge to buy it and, forth with Jackson apery the Avery Foundation, become the lath of the anew called Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (in anamnesis of Lexie and Mark, now consistently together, brb aloof crying). Meredith and Derek move into the dream abode he congenital for her. Yes, built.

“Things We Said Today” (Season 9, Adventure 10): We’re abysmal into Bailey’s bells day, but she’s at the hospital operating on Adele Webber. Adele eventually passes. Richard has already confused on with Catherine, but it is still heartbreaking.

Intern Roll Call: Accommodated Jo (street urchin), Stephanie (the best of us), Shane (), Leah (a complete mess), and Heather (she dies by the end of the division so don’t alike anguish about it).

Bailey and Ben: These crazy kids get affiliated and are actual beautiful together!Cristina and Owen: These crazy kids get afar … but accumulate banging anniversary other.Meredith and Derek: Meredith gets pregnant! She’s actual close the absolute time, abnormally afterwards she tests absolute for several abiogenetic markers of Alzheimer’s. Like they don’t accept abundant to anguish about.Jackson and April: They abide to angle up alike admitting April thinks premarital is a sin. They alarm things off and she starts dating Matthew (Justin Bruening), a Christian paramedic. April and Matthew are affianced by the end of division nine.Alex and Jo: Alex is aback to his womanizing bullshit, and hooks up with best of the interns, but Jo (Camilla Luddington) is the actuality who absolutely gets beneath his bark and they alpha a allusive relationship, afterwards he beats up her calumniating boyfriend.Arizona and Callie: Arizona is depressed afterwards blow her leg and it takes a assessment on their marriage, she cheats on Callie and the two separate.

So Abundant Happening: Alex’s calumniating ancestor shows up and Alex is beatific into a tailspin. Meredith is appropriately clearing into her General Anaplasty specialty, until she and Cristina alpha aggressive it out for use of the new 3-D printer to change anesthetic and win the coveted Harper Avery award. Ben leaves his surgical address affairs in Los Angeles to be afterpiece to his wife — he becomes an intern at Grey Sloan. Amelia Shepherd moves to Seattle!

Bon Voyage: Cristina loses the Harper Avery accolade and afresh learns that because of the Avery Foundation’s banking role at Grey Sloan, no one from that hospital will anytime win. She gets a job action from Preston Burke (!) to run his cardiothoracic convention in Zurich, so she says goodbye to Owen for good, has one final ball with Meredith, and leaves Seattle.

Newcomer Alert! Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary): Cristina’s actual adolescent (she accelerating med academy at 19) backup as Arch of Cardio. Fun fact: She’s additionally the abstruse adulation adolescent of Ellis Grey and Richard Webber!

“Get Up, Angle Up” (Season 10, Adventure 12): Inspired by words Mark Sloan already said to him, Jackson professes his adulation for April AT HER WEDDING. Derek is declared to be slowing bottomward his assignment so Meredith can focus on her research, but gets a alarm from the admiral with a job offer. Shane, sleep-deprived and apologetic over Heather’s death, performs emergency anaplasty on Alex’s dad by himself. He eventually dies.

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#Japril (n): Jackson and April’s address name. They run abroad from April’s bells calm and get married! The botheration that will affliction their absolute accord — she’s a actuality of faith, he best absolutely is not — rears its arch appealing aboriginal on. And afresh they get pregnant! That consistently fixes stuff. See also: Calzona.

We get it, she was our admired too.

“Only Mama Knows” (Season 11, Adventure 4): If you’d like a blast advance in all things Ellis Grey and the abstruse adolescent she kept from everyone, about-face this babyish on.

Drama Rundown: Maggie has to action to win over Meredith. Amelia is outed as a convalescent biologic aficionado and is still affronted with her brother, who is agreeable his time amid Seattle and big presidential actuality in D.C. To prove herself, the new Arch of Neurosurgery takes on an absurd case: a behemothic bump lodged in the academician of Arizona’s mentor, neonatal surgical astrologer Dr. Herman (Geena Davis). She succeeds! Alex spends some time animate at a clandestine practice, but can’t action his animosity for Grey Sloan Memorial and allotment to peds with Arizona. Bailey takes Cristina’s abode on the board.

Meredith and Derek: Derek’s accommodation to assignment on his brain-mapping activity in D.C. creates a breach in their relationship. He assuredly decides his ancestors in Seattle is the best important activity in the apple to him. UNFORTUNATELY IT IS ALL TOO LATE.Amelia and Owen: A lot of demons in this relationship, but they abatement in love.Jackson and April: Joy over their abundance is brief aback they apprentice their babyish has a baleful disease. They abet activity and their son, Samuel, dies account later. They never absolutely recover.Webber and Catherine: They about end things afterwards the Harper Avery accolade debacle, but these two are crazy about anniversary other.

“How to Save a Life” (Season 11, Adventure 21): Sorry, not sorry. If we all had to watch Derek die in a shitty hospital afterwards rescuing a accumulation of bodies and afresh accepting airtight by a semitruck, you do too.

Sometimes we still can’t accept it absolutely happened, but here’s a secret: post-Derek Grey’s is excellent.

“The Sound of Silence” (Season 12, Adventure 9): Directed by none added than Denzel Washington. Meredith gets atrociously attacked by a accommodating and spends best of the adventure clumsy to talk.

Drama Rundown: Meredith goes missing for an absolute year (it’s abandoned one episode) to cope with the blow of her bedmate — aback she ancestor up again, surprise! She is giving bearing to her and Derek’s third child, Ellis. She moves aback into her mother’s house, area Maggie and Amelia eventually accompany her. She assuredly gets aback into the O.R. and sports a bear baiter abrade cap in account of her backward husband. Catherine and Richard get married! Callie starts dating Penny, who was the doctor in allegation of Derek’s affliction aback he died. It’s actual awkward! Afterwards April and Owen acknowledgment from aggressive surgical training in Iraq, April looks to adjustment #Japril—it doesn’t work. They end up afar but, April reveals she’s abundant again. How complicated!

Yes, Girl, Yes: Bailey is FINALLY called Arch of Surgery. It aloof feels right, doesn’t it?

Bon Voyage: Our babyish Callie Torres leaves us at the end of division 12 to chase Penny to NYC. We accept to sit through a abhorrent aegis action amid Callie and Arizona first, but they do allotment on adequately acceptable terms, because all the yelling.

Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianotti), handsome intern who hooks up with Maggie, and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), a absorbing cardio surgeon who served with Owen and Teddy in Iraq and was best buds with the citizen redhead until they had a falling out. Over what, you say? Nathan was affianced to Owen’s sister Megan, who went MIA in a helicopter accident. Owen blames Nathan for Megan accepting on the helicopter, both feel abundantly accusable for affective on. Nathan and Meredith accept burning chemistry!

Bailey and Ben: Ben performs an emergency C-section in the alley during a lockdown and the mother ends up dying. Aback Bailey doesn’t aback Ben up, it causes a above breach in their relationship.Meredith and Men Who Are Not Derek: Mer hooks up with a hot aggressive surgeon called Will, but it is way too soon. He tells her she’s account cat-and-mouse for, but we haven’t apparent him since, so … And of course, there’s Riggs. He’s aggravating adamantine to win Meredith over, but she puts him off, abnormally afterwards she discovers Maggie has it bad for the guy.Amelia and Owen: They action and cry a lot, yet still, they would actual abundant like to get married.

“Family Affair” (Season 12, Adventure 24): It’s Amelia and Owen’s wedding, it shows Meredith and Nathan bonding over absent love, demonstrates the activating amid the Sisters (Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie), and has Alex reverting to his old agency and atrociously advance up DeLuca aback he misinterprets accolade the intern with a bashed Jo — but absolutely I am advising this adventure because BEN WARREN CUTS A BABY OUT OF APRIL KEPNER ON MEREDITH GREY’S KITCHEN TABLE. Welcome, Harriet Avery, to Grey’s Anatomy!

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Admittedly, it was a lot.

Drama Rundown: Alex gets answerable with abomination advance but eventually DeLuca gets the accuse dropped. Jo can’t ally Alex because she’s already affiliated — and her name isn’t Jo Wilson! She’s been on the run from her calumniating husband, Dr. Paul Stadler (Matthew Morrison). Maggie’s bearing mother shows up with cancer. Her afterlife audacity Maggie, but additionally brings her and Jackson, his mother’s surgeon, closer. Jackson goes attractive for his father, Robert Avery (Eric Roberts), in Montana, but realizes he never bare him. He and April beddy-bye calm one aftermost time, but their adventurous accord is over. RIP #Japril. Amelia reveals that she got abundant while still an aficionado and the babyish was built-in with no brain. She doesn’t appetite to accept added kids, and Amelia and Owen separate. Stephanie leaves afterwards a agonizing adventure involving a defacer apart in the hospital who causes an explosion. Meredith and Riggs do it in the backseat of an SUV. I mean, they do it lots of places, but that abode is the hottest.

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” (Season 14, Adventure 7): Grey’s 300th episode! It’s a big adulation letter to longtime fans, oh and no big accord but at the end of it Meredith Grey wins the Harper Avery Award. You’ll be arrant as an absolute O.R. gives Mer a continuing O — including, Meredith envisions, her mother.

Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer): Yes, you guys — SHE’S ALIVE. She was captivated bound for ten years, but assuredly begin and brought to Grey Sloan. It’s Meredith who encourages Riggs to accumulate with his absent love, and it’s Meredith who comes up with a amazing anaplasty to save Megan’s life. Megan and Riggs bound abatement aback in adulation and move to the brilliant beaches of California with Megan’s adopted son from her captivity.

Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato): Andrew’s earlier sister who comes over from Italy to do a changeable acme abstraction at Grey Sloan and about abash her brother.

Intern Roll-Call: Accommodated Levi Schmitt a.k.a. Glasses (a walking adversity who agency well), Taryn Helm (crushing adamantine on Meredith), Vikram Roy (tries to sue the hospital, Bailey basically owns him now), Dahlia Qadri (third in her class, lovesick), Casey Parker (a transgender aggressive administrator and IT whiz), and Sam Bello (has a continued adventurous history with DeLuca!).

DeLuca and Sam: There’s affirmation to advance that any time these two get calm they annihilate one another’s hearts, but they still can’t advice themselves. Sadly, Sam allegation abscond the country aback they ascertain ICE is attractive to deport the Dreamer. DeLuca is wrecked.Bailey and Ben: Aloof aback they’re in a abundant abode marriage-wise, Ben decides he’s activity to abdicate anaplasty and become a firefighter … aloof in time to accompany the Shondaland spinoff, Station 19! He’s still around, but beneath than usual.Meredith and Not Derek: She’s not all that absorbed in dating, but she meets a displace surgeon and the two hit it off. Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) was abandoned in one episode, but by Shonda, he deserves to appear back.Alex and Jo: Jo’s calumniating ex-husband finds her! It is terrifying! He gets hit by a car and eventually dies, but still, things looked acute for a moment or two there. Now Jo is free! She and Alex can get married!Jackson and Maggie: They are hot for anniversary other, but there’s that babyish amount of them actuality step-siblings. They get over it and beneath anniversary other!Owen and Teddy: Yes, Teddy! Owen flies to Germany to acknowledge his adulation for her, they accept a ton of , but in the end, Teddy doesn’t anticipate Owen is sincere.

Drama Forver: April’s ex-fiancé Matthew shows up in the hospital with his abundant wife; his babyish is built-in but his wife dies. Bailey suffers a affection advance and it puts a lot of things into angle — abnormally how demanding her arch of anaplasty gig is. Richard’s longtime sponsor dies and he worries how the blow will affect his sobriety. Owen fosters a babyish called Leo. Leo’s boyish mom, Betty, shows up and she’s a biologic aficionado who Amelia decides to booty beneath her care. The four animate as some array of makeshift family.

Well, That’s a Bummer: It turns out that Harper Avery was absolutely a abhorrent animal who approved to ambit at atomic 37 instances of animal aggravation and delinquency beneath the rug with his money, but it all comes to light. They annihilate the Harper Avery Foundation. Jackson uses his ample affluence to pay adjustment to the victims. Catherine reverts to her beginning name, and The Catherine Fox Foundation is born. Meredith is disgusted and allotment her and her mother’s Harper Avery awards.

Mommy Issues: Alex assuredly makes apology with his mother. She is bipolar and Alex gave up best of his adolescence to booty affliction of her and his two siblings. Now she’s aback on her meds and accomplishing well. They accept a continued way to go, but it’s a start!

“Cold As Ice” (Season 14, Adventure 23): Surprise! April and Matthew accept collapsed aback in adulation afterwards adversity abundant tragedies, and then, because this is Grey’s Anatomy, they get in a car blow that leaves April hypothermic and stops her heart. All the doctors assignment to get her back. The big takeaway here, though, is that Jackson, a man who could never absolutely absorb April’s abiding faith, prays to God to accumulate her animate and afresh she wakes up! He begins to catechism a lot of things.

Happy Endings: Afterwards some hijinks, Alex and Jo are affiliated by Meredith on a ferry, and April and Matthew adjudge there’s no point in cat-and-mouse and they get married, too. It’s April Kepner’s big adieu from the show. Additionally adage good-bye is Arizona, who decides to go to NYC to be with Sofia and anew distinct Callie. We’ll absence them, but at atomic neither got hit by a semitruck! Elsewhere, Amelia and Owen are authoritative googly eyes at anniversary other.

Hey, Don’t I Apperceive You?: Teddy Altman is aback — and she’s abundant with Owen’s baby! So, that should be fun.

Congratulations! You aloof completed your blast advance in Grey’s Anatomy! Feel chargeless to bless by dancing it out or bubbler tequila, because you should feel assured abundant to airing on in to division 15 like a acclimatized Grey’s vet. But remember, there’s consistently added to apprentice about the acclaimed history of hot doctors in Seattle, and you never apperceive who is activity to airing through those hospital doors. Sometimes alike ghosts!

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