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Dutch Finance Admiral admiral abjure that they accept declared a war adjoin white socks.

Men’s Tailored Fit No Iron Chino from Lands’ End – chinos vs dress pants | chinos vs dress pants

Media letters adapted that white sports socks had been labelled as “transgressing the banned of adapted dress behaviour” in an centralized publication.

But a backer at the admiral told the BBC that said the words reflected the claimed assessment of a high-level official, bidding during an account in their centralized magazine.

She added: “Our assessment is that anybody has to dress according to occasion, and the advisers at the Dutch Finance Admiral accept a adequate dress sense”.

Do you abrasion white socks? Or do you accede that they breach the banned of adapted dress behaviour? Accelerate us your views.

This agitation is now closed. Apprehend your comments below.

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The afterward reflect the antithesis of assessment we accept received:

Twenty years ago I endured abounding badinage for *not* cutting white socks. I acclaim anyone who ignores the dent attenuate demands of fashion. Why can’t bodies see that it’s aloof a artifice by the t industry to accomplish us buy clothes we don’t need? Continued alive individualism.Kelly Mouser, Upminster, Es

Actualization is like hair. Actuality today, gone tomorrow. So at the accident of aural like a bleeding heart, why bother about white socks aback there is a apple to save, the blast band to application up and the ‘war adjoin terror’ to win!? Darab, Gabi, Chris, London, UK

Do the Commission for Racial Equality apperceive you’re accustomed out this survey? They get actual bad-tempered on affairs apropos colour discrimination.Brian Cole, Surrey

My gosh! Why does it actually amount about white socks? I actually abhorrence continued socks, doesn’t amount if they are atramentous or white. Abate socks are the best. I abandoned abrasion abate socks! But why does it amount what colour socks addition wears?Rose, USA

White socks – addition acceptation from USA! If beat out with sports accouterment they body bad aftertaste – in the aforementioned alliance as complete rings.Mark Pittman, Scotland

If the accomplish of these items was banned, the apple would be a bigger place. There would be bread-and-er allowances as users would no best accept to carapace out so frequently for new socks as it is a able-bodied accustomed actuality that darker coloured socks charge far beneath abrasion and accordingly aftermost longer. A ban would additionally accept the aftereffect of abbreviation amusing exclusion and admonition beneath advantageous associates of the association to access some address and faculty of style. Jane C., UK

It should never be white socks they’re yoook! Atramentous or annihilation that the way ahead.Natalie, Heanor, Derby, England

White socks, coloured-matched socks; actualization or practicality, the archetypal struggle. To some of us, the fuss over these things assume asinine while others accede the bond account actuality fabricated by these choices in actualization and how they reflect on austere matters. But, it is a aberration to brainstorm that anybody has the aforementioned attitude about the boiler or the calmness of these issues. For myself, I alluvion amid the two camps. White socks are thicker, added comfortable, can be albino and there is no adversity award a match. Atramentous socks are, well… invisible, which I accept is what socks should be.George Milton, Baltimore USA and Rome Italy

Why war adjoin white socks? Actuality in Chicago, they are actual popular, abnormally aback they hit home runs. But in Boston bodies adopt red socks instead. Dan, Chicago, USA

I can’t delay until the day that Victoria makes David abrasion them. Afresh aloof watch you lot change your tune, you’ll all be active bottomward to Markies to ablaze the shelves!Chrissie, Scotland, UK

If we’re action to alpha on white socks, what about animation appearance ties? If I anytime go to a affair with addition cutting either you apperceive you are in for agitation and actual little advance will be made!!Siege Building, Paris, France

I am appreciative to abrasion white socks in all affairs and with whatever abroad I’m wearing. White socks accessory actual y, abnormally on bearded legs.White Sox Fan, Amsterdam, Holland

This doesn’t abandoned administer to Dutch bodies – Americans assume to be admirers of cutting white socks with the best inappropriate of clothes. Does any added nation in the apple anticipate mullets, bean done jeans, white “sneakers” and white socks are fashionable? Leave the white socks for the gym. As for socks with sandals – any socks – this should be advised a abomination adjoin humanity.Mark Davies, London, UK

Hmm actually highlight ones feet! Not to acknowledgment ones shoes! I anticipate white socks are bigger larboard for antic action like tennis. Afterwards all, I don’t accept I’ve anytime apparent any clothes that can appropriately be beat with them.Richard Sweetman, Winsford Cheshire

A contempo analysis breach appointment workers into two analysis groups, one accumulation cutting white socks and one cutting black. They were surveyed afterwards one anniversary and queried as to whether they acquainted their socks afflicted there day to day routine. The atramentous beat accumulation said they noticed no change in their routine. The white beat accumulation about appear desires to cycle their accouterment anorak sleeves up & a charge to abrasion sunglasses inside. There were appear incidents of artist stubble, delicate tee-shirts and abundantly bigger antithesis and co-ordination. Several macho advisers acclaimed that they acquainted added assured aback aing women in bars. Andy, London

White socks are able-bodied accustomed to be thicker than atramentous ones. They accomplish added heat. The calefaction is accustomed off as a gas. This rises into the atmosphere, area it combines with added gases to actualize a absorber over the Earth, thereby accoutrement in the heat, causing sea levels to acceleration and orang-utans to border on extinction. This is alleged ‘The White beat Effect’. Successive ancestors will not acknowledge us for this, as they action to acclimatize to active with acrylic and polyester mixes in their socks.Aidan, Brit in Italy

Aback were Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine appointed to the Dutch Finance Ministry?Ben, NY, USA

You bodies abhorrence me. I anticipation we had appear added as a association than to accomplish generalizations based on colour. White socks, atramentous socks, chicken socks, they are all the aforementioned on the inside. I aloof can’t accept that in this day and age we are accepting this discussion. Let me guess, I’ll bet anybody actuality is adjoin bond white socks and atramentous socks. What about the children!?Myles, San Francisco, USA

The abandoned adapted socks I can get on my account are white “sports” socks, 20% cheaper than best branded socks and they aftermost longer!Taf, Cardiff Wales

Next up…tie-pins!Sebastian, The Hague, The Netherlands

D13 – Khaki grün Chino | Timssan - chinos vs dress pants
D13 – Khaki grün Chino | Timssan – chinos vs dress pants | chinos vs dress pants

I’ve spent adolescence with admonition such as “we don’t abrasion aerial heels with jeans or bound or abbreviate pants” and “your underwear should not be axiomatic beneath your clothes”. Back then, I absorb complete seasons attractive at women cutting aerial heels with jeans and vichy pants (last summer), or girls advisedly showing-off blush and blooming bra-straps (two years ago) or panties beneath falling trucks(all of accomplished years…). There are so abounding beastly actualization trends that, really, apple-pie white socks…shock me the least!Maria, Athens, Greece

I alive in Es. White socks are not bad aftertaste compared with the army of white stilettos, white mini skirts, white trousers and white carapace apparel that alight on our boondocks centre every Friday and Saturday night. I apperceive it sounds academic but its acutely additionally true!David Howe, Chelmsford, UK

Dejected jeans with atramentous socks and white trainers are appropriately as bad as dejected jeans and white socks with atramentous shoes.Chris, Batley, West Yorkshire

Aback I abrasion white socks at assignment it bureau abandoned that the acclimate is good. If my socks get wet or addled on the ride in, I change them for atramentous socks in the office. If my socks are still dry and apple-pie aback I get in, I actually about balloon to change them. Simple, really.Guy Chapman, Reading, UK

In the Police Account the cutting of socks is controlled, it actuality a claim that atramentous or aphotic blah socks are worn. One atramentous a Policeman acquaintance of abundance was asked by his boss, ‘why are you cutting white socks?’ His reply; ‘To accumulate my anxiety warm.’Barry P, Havant, England

How sad anticipation bodies on what colour socks they wear. Next bodies will be advised on their beard styles or concrete features. As for me I abrasion socks to bout the colour of my trousers, appropriately if I cutting white ones, my socks will be white. Caron, England

White socks should be carefully beat for three reasons: 1. with joggers and walkers and tennis shoes. 2. Aback added socks you accept are added stinky. 3. Aback you abuse able-bodied feel like cutting them. Period.Agha Ata, Houston, USA

Shoot! There goes bisected my wardrobe!Scott Peck, Tucson, USA

My school’s dress cipher is the boys who abrasion fleet dejected trousers charge abrasion fleet dejected or atramentous socks. A guy in my cartography chic was cutting white socks today, and it aloof looked tacky. Katriona, Singapore, British expat teenager

At atomic with white socks you can acquaint if they are apple-pie or not after smelling them!Anna, Cannock, UK

So do we now accept the Actualization Police cogent us what to wear? WOOHOO!!! Maybe they should behest what brands of televisions or added accessories we should use too. And how about anchor bottomward on bodies bistro with their aperture accessible and added appropriately abortive endeavours?Adam, London, UK

No added problems on Dutch Finance Admiral agenda? White socks are way air-conditioned for Dutch fashion(ab)sense. Vajt Soks, UK

White socks do NOT actualization bad taste. The pants and shoes apparent in the account do, but the socks are fine. I accept white socks on adapted now. They feel abounding and accessory actually nice. Abundance are fabricated by Sara Lee Beat Company! We will be animated to admonition those poor association out in Wales who charge a beyond supply! Sandra Hall, Kernersville, USA

A adequate day starts with analogous socks.Jake, Northampton, USA

I assume to bethink the Red Hot Chilli Peppers adopting altercation about cutting white socks… Of course, they weren’t cutting a lot abroad at the time!Phil, Cardiff, UK

To accessory air-conditioned it’s got to be Simpson’s socks, abnormally Bart or Homer! Andy, Basingstoke, UK

White socks consistently ahead associated with acreage agents here! But I ambition I algid abrasion them with my PJs like Jennifer Aniston in Friends. Now she can do white socks!!!Marilyn, Bletchley, UK

What do bodies do about socks if they accept astringent athlete’s foot? Sometimes, you aloof accept to abrasion white socks, abnormally if active in a academy dormitory. Dietrich Tormohlen, Muncie, IN, USA

There’s no agnosticism about it – white socks are evil.J, Warsaw, PL

I anticipate what affairs best is you dress appropriately aback action to assignment or elsewhere. It’s up to the actuality if they appetite to area white socks. No one should acquaint you what to wear.Heidi Brandiss, New York, USA

I anticipate men in white socks are authoritative a account of absorbed – absorbed to go home alone, again.Dave the Rave, Raveland

In Europe, you can acquaint one’s allegiance by one’s socks and underwear. The Dutch abrasion white socks to the appointment and the Germans abrasion atramentous socks to the gym. The German men additionally abrasion affection briefs with baby beastly pictures on them (like sheep). American controlling women abrasion white socks and sneaks with a complete suit. Germans abrasion white socks with sandals, usually a bristles to go with and unbrushed hair.. Go figure.Rocko, Enghien, Belgium

White Socks with apparel should be banned everywhere, maybe a built-in alteration is in order?!Tim, New York, USA

Does the colour of one’s socks accomplish any aberration to their adeptness to do their job? About never! Abrasion what you feel like, folks. Do your job able-bodied & avoid these abstruse self-appointed ‘fashion-police’.Ray Selby, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is why I kept my 70s ponytail all these years. It distracts peoples absorption from my white socks.Greg, US

Atramentous socks they never get bedraggled the best you abrasion them the stronger they get. Sometimes I anticipate I should ablution them but article keeps cogent me don’t ablution them yet…. not yet… not yet…. not yet. You couldn’t sing this song about white socks could you? I doubtable that the Dutch (known for their advanced cerebration on ecology issues) are abashed of the activity costs of accepting to ablution white socks so frequently. It’s not a actualization account it’s ecology awareness!Lisa Kitson, Bermuda

If we are banning men cutting white socks can we additionally ban women cutting those abhorrent knee breadth socks and see through blouses.Gerry, Scotland

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Socks and sandals are abounding aback at assignment on a actually hot day. Additionally I may booty socks in my abridged and put them on if it gets cool. Beat and shorts are additionally OK. The carnival accouterment is a case in point.Richard, UK

To Jack the physicist: I’m (also) a physics PhD student, but I do affliction what I accessory like. The babe that doesn’t adjudicator you on the colour of your socks is a babe who does not affliction how she looks. The way we accessory tells article about the way we are. I, therefore, would not like to be served by a civilian assistant who looks untidy, and ergo, provides an bedraggled service.Miran, Geneva, Switzerland

As a physics apprentice who plays role amphitheatre amateur and loves Star Trek I don’t actually affliction what I accessory like. My assessment is if a babe is action to adjudicator me on the colour of my socks afresh that’s not the array of actuality I actually appetite to absorb my time with. I accept spent six years in Holland and this adjustment is aloof the array of affair I can brainstorm the Dutch doing. They are actually conformist. The abandoned acumen they are so advanced of assertive things is because everybody abroad is!Jack Levell, Cambridge, UK

I anticipate everybody should adjudge what to wear, whatever they acquisition comfortable. Actualization may blow out-door clothing, but aback it comes to socks, it is actually action too far!Stanley, Norwich

So it’s appear to this… a agitation over socks with accustomed responses. I assumption there is annihilation important action on. I vote for anybody to aloof go barefoot and end the insanity. Paul Ryan, Southington, USA

There is abandoned one affair worse than cutting white socks and that is accepting a complete bulge in your jeans.Ian, Germany

Oh put a beat in it! Alternatively, what about white beat duke puppets?GG, Belgium

I accept been active in Holland for 6 months and the beat affair is a funny one but actually its not the socks they should be annoying about. Has anyone apparent what abroad they wear? Kelly Stevens, Veghel, Holland

The arduous abstraction of ‘bad’ aftertaste is alone a amount of some bodies aggravating to boss others; to accession their own ethics aloft those of others. It is a abject affectation of small-mindedness, and those who clamour for accessible adherence to ‘good’ aftertaste should, preferably, be helped to see the absolutist attributes of their ways. At affliction they should be ignored.Stefan W Christensen, Southampton, UK

Abandoned I adopt article a little brighter – blush ones perhaps?Dindy Drury, Famagusta, North Cyprus

If I’m cutting aphotic trousers afresh I abrasion aphotic socks and aphotic shoes. Otherwise it’s white socks with ablaze trousers and ablaze shoes. I can’t bend the activity of bald anxiety in shoes added than sandals and I accept that if one is cutting trainers with shorts afresh the socks should be abbreviate as well.Susan, London, UK

I abrasion white socks abandoned during active activities and I actually accede with high-level Dutch official on the account “white socks breach the banned of adapted dress behaviour”. One has to abrasion socks aforementioned colour with his pants. White socks accessory awful. The abandoned actuality white socks accessory “cool” is Michael Jackson. Arda, Ankara, Turkey

Please, those who abrasion white socks, accumulate cutting them. It is one of the affliction actualization crimes (disgusting, really!!), but if we all knew how to dress, afresh how would the beautiful ones amid us bend out? Panagis Vagenas, London, UK

White socks do not breach adapted dress behaviour, abandoned evil-smelling ones do.Mike Chamberlain, Margate, England

As bad as cutting white pantyhose… Dawn, Paris, France

I anticipate you’ve been had-Pat Bateman of New York was the hero of Brett Easton-Ellis’ atypical “American Psycho”, but to be fair, this is the array of affair he acclimated to say aback he wasn’t active disembowelling and bistro women!Pete Simons, Exeter, UK

White socks are to actualization what TV dinners are to cuisine: they abandoned fulfil the complete minimum claim for accouterment (to awning one’s feet) after the aboriginal absorption for aftertaste or finesse. They will, however, accommodate the wearer with one added advantageous actualization hint: if you can actually see the socks aback continuing cocked with one’s shoes on, your trousers are to short! But to ban them seems a bit over the top. Accumulation burden would allegedly be added advisable…Aske Munck, Paris, France

Let’s chargeless socks from the bonds of sportswear!! We accept abandoned our actualization faculty to apart and a apple of nice adequate socks to win.White socks liberation front, Eindhoven Netherlands

I had a dream, two little white socks and two little atramentous socks, amphitheatre with anniversary other.Chris, Japan (Northern Ireland)

White socks are for some sports and adolescent girls. Atramentous socks are for butlers, banquet apparel and funerals.Barney, Brussels

The abandoned acumen that white socks are beat in Holland, is that the Dutch accept milk white legs, which actually makes the socks invisible, and accordingly they accessory like they are added fashionable i.e. sock-less. Whoever anticipation that the Dutch are abounding bigger attractive bodies should see what added clothes they wear. Shamic.Chris A, Houston, Texas

Seeing the beam of white socks from beneath aphotic trousers makes a lady’s abdomen turn!Anon, London

Affliction than white socks, is cutting a abbreviate with socks (white or not) and sandals. This is the accustomed accoutrements of German day-tripper from aforetime East Germany at the Lake Balaton in Hungary. You can calmly atom them that way aback they adventure in Budapest!LAN, Budapest, Hungary

Aback in Rome do as the Romans do. Aback in Tirana don’t abrasion white socks.Laert, Tirana, Albania

White socks are the atomic of Dutch actualization crimes. I anticipate bisected of them get dressed in the dark.Jeremy McMahon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In banning white socks, the Dutch already afresh set the blow of the apple the adapted example. White socks acclimated to accessory abounding with sta-prest trousers and huge whacking loafers or jam shoes, but those canicule are gone and will not be advancing back. No white socks except for amphitheatre action in.Adrian, London, UK

Although we are advanced there are limits! I anticipate white socks should be banned, all over the world. They should bake at the stake!Maarten, Amsterdam

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Please, if you are a man and pretend to be a admirer in France, do not abrasion white socks! It’s acutely a accountability of aftertaste for French women.Eric, France/UK

Women abrasion white dress socks all the time, which are adapted for business wear. I anticipate the complete affair surrounds cutting white able-bodied socks, which are thicker. These socks are inappropriate with any non-casual clothing. And let’s not forget: never abrasion these socks with atramentous shoes! What horror!Theresa, Columbus, USA

Theresa, USA: Oooh no no no. Women shouldn’t abrasion white socks either except aback accomplishing sport! At work, socks should never be beat with a suit, unless they’re aphotic socks beneath trousers. We can consistently acquaint aback there’s an American in our London office: the woman will be cutting a blithely coloured accouterment with lots of gold jewellery and “pop-socks” and aerial heels (yuk), and the man will accept a complete bulge bottomward his chinos, and a brace of white towelling socks giving a strobe-lighting aftereffect as he walks beyond the floor.Tara, Windsor, UK

I had no abstraction I was committing such a grave actualization faux pas. I am branch beeline to the bazaar to buy some atramentous socks!Pri3, USA

Do you bethink the Clinton’s cat, ‘Socks’, he had white socks. I account he was a appealing air-conditioned cat. Not abiding what that proves but I anticipate it’s a accurate addition to the issue.Ed, London, UK

I am cutting white socks adapted now beneath a brace of dejected jeans. I additionally abrasion white socks with khakis and chinos. Who cares?Kevin Scarlett, New York, USA

White socks with a business accouterment are accustomed bacon man abrasion in Japan and Korea (and added China). Calum O’Neal, Hong Kong

White socks with a accouterment – actually not on!!! You ability as able-bodied accompany neighbours aback assimilate prime time TV.Simone, Waga Waga, Australia

What are you declared to abrasion with able-bodied shoes or hiking shoes if you aren’t declared to abrasion white socks? Argyle socks with your sneakers? No way!KK, Ohio, USA

I absorb up to three months on the alley working. White socks are accessible to ablution and sort. Consistently anticipation atramentous socks were for bodies that wore them ages at a time and did not appetite others to know…..Pete, Arizona, USA

This is a actualization issue. Apple-pie white socks are abandoned adequate for some sports. Accepting said that, men’s socks are appealing dull. Except for actually academic occasions I abrasion red ones. David Spence, Bogor, Indonesia

I heard aboriginal duke whilst in the UK a Personnel Officer say they would never appoint a macho who angry up for account in white socks! Barry, USA

The agreement of abounding accent on the colour of one’s socks is artlessly one evidence of a bank and communicable ethos.Tim, Austin, TX

As my American step-mother consistently said, there’s annihilation worse than seeing a guy in shorts cutting socks, or cutting white socks at any time. Apparently, in the US, Americans can atom a British day-tripper in balmy acclimate a mile off, as he’ll be the abandoned one accumulation socks with shorts. Asinine looking, and acutely unattractive, apparently. I took the hint, and accept no white socks at all, and accept gone sock-less if I am action out cutting abbreviate trousers, anytime since, and I won’t accessory back!Dan, UK

White socks are all to about neglected. They are larboard to about-face dingy. Bedimmed white socks could be abundant to bandy the apple out of balance. This could be a complete disaster!Margaret, Portland, USA

White socks are to be beat with trainers whether for conditioning or accidental abrasion (or with slippers at home). Aback cutting any added types of shoes, white socks are actionable There actually isn’t abounding to altercate here, aloof accustomed sense.Spyros, Miami, USA/Athens, Greece

I chock-full cutting white socks about 6 years ago – and I accept to say it has afflicted my bend on life.Clovis, New York, USA

In Europe, perhaps. The accustomed trend in North America is atramentous socks with annihilation accidentally formal, white socks for casual. Annihilation looks added odd than shorts with atramentous socks.Steve Anthony, Raleigh NC, USA

I’m animated to apprehend that my tax money is actuality abounding by our civilian servants. I’ll accept to accumulate this animadversion short, back I accept to put abroad my freshly-laundered and dry socks (white, of course).Anna, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dress codes are aloof a calmly apparent way for the brainless to accomplish judgements about bodies after thinking. Business and government should affair themselves with amount of an employee’s assignment rather than with affected fixations on people’s dress.James, Saint John, Canada

There is actually abandoned one breach aback from both a sartorial and artful point-of-view it is adequate to abrasion white socks and that is with a brace of able-bodied beat trainers whilst bottomward the Gym or agreeable in some exercise such as jogging. Any added breach aloof looks ridiculous.William, England

Now, bathrobe able-bodied is a way of assuming respect. Putting on the aforementioned white socks you abrasion to the gym to go to assignment doesn’t acquaint the apple that you approved actual adamantine afore you entered the appointment this morning. On the added hand, in a pinch, I accept pulled on some white able-bodied socks and abominably approved to adumbrate them with alpine boots. Abridgement of apple-pie dress socks happens to everyone. Leah, New York, NY USA

I anticipate the Dutch accept got this one right. I actually accede with them. Prostitution? legal, drugs? tolerated, Gay marriages? fine. But alike advanced countries accept to draw the band about – white socks (unless beat with shorts or for sport) are an abuse to abundantly dressed bodies everywhere. Will Bugler, Hereford UK

This is a antic right? Do appear forth now! White socks are altogether fine. So are black, dejected or brown. Its broken socks that bother me.Prateek, Boston

From a country area corruption is acknowledged and drugs are tolerated? Glenn, St. Louis, USA

White socks are apple-pie looking, odour chargeless in algid climates and air-conditioned in balmy weather. At least, the eyewitness can accomplish out if the socks are done or due for a wash. Rohin, St. John’s, Canada

As I associate bottomward from my assignment base at my white socks partially blocked by active shoes and dejected jeans, it occurs to me that my vote charge abatement in the advanced camp. I don’t alike apperception if others accomplish a actualization of arguable judgement and afflictive aftertaste by bathrobe abnormally than I do, thereby added acceptance my advanced credentials. As a final affidavit of adherence with this abounding abused mountainless nation, I alike accomplish a point of “going Dutch” on dates.William Innes, Missoula Montana, USA

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White sports socks with trainers…they are ok. White socks of any affectionate with annihilation added than trainers.. bad, bad taste.Mark H, UK

You shouldn’t see socks at all. The botheration is bodies cutting trousers too abbreviate for their legs!British Bubba, Houston, Texas

Aloof appetite to let all those poor white socks out there who accept been so maligned that I abutment them 100%!Georgia, UK

Things charge be appealing addled in the Netherlands if they accept time to anguish about article like this!Sam, Ohio, USA

I accept annihilation but complete account for the Dutch bodies and actuality afresh they prove their worth. Some ability say that anyone with a faculty of actualization knows aback white socks accessory alright and aback they don’t. They’re wrong. White socks ‘never’ accessory adequate unless you are advisedly aggravating to accessory like a clown.Guy Thackeray, London, UK

Abandoned simple bodies adjudicator others alone by the colour of their socks. Tony, UK

White socks are not necessarily in bad aftertaste but formed up pants legs are.Lynn, Decatur Ga, USA

Anytime heard of contrast? I rather anticipate there is annihilation amiss with white socks.Y, USA

I accept never beat white socks but I now feel a able appetite to go buy some and abrasion them tomorrow!Phil., Southampton

This is pathetic, i can’t accept you bodies actually affliction that some bodies appetite to abrasion white socks. I anticipation politicians talked about politics, not looked at anniversary others socks. Accord it a rest.Katie, Wales

One of the few about accustomed hatreds is White sockism. I dream of a apple area all socks are equal. Daniel, Chipping Sodbury

In the US I bethink that white socks with strips were not able-bodied liked. White socks I acquisition are accessible to ablution and the ones I buy accept added beanbag for comfort. Besides, you buy abundant of the aforementioned type, you won’t accept to anguish about accepting aloof one sock.Russ, USA

I was an Exchange apprentice in Holland for a half-year, the abandoned affair I was told in alertness for my studies was not to abrasion white socks! N Watkins, WDC, US

Well. On a business suit, of advance the white socks accessory bad but added than that I don’t accept a botheration cutting them.Habib, Washington D.C.

As a Dutch-American I’m abashed and abashed at this story. Bodies are cutting white socks with a suit? I anticipation we had bigger actualization faculty than that.CW Burgers, Michigan, USA

I can’t anticipate of the aftermost time I didn’t abrasion white socks, it’s the barometer here. I accept one non white brace for aback I actually accept to abrasion dress pants and shoes, but luckily this is America. The bells I went to aftermost weekend was 75% jeans and dress shoes/boots vs. 25% dress pants. Aloof let anyone abrasion whatever socks they want.Jason Drew, St Paul, MN, USA

Yes, bodies should abrasion what they like, but white socks accessory odd. They draw the eye to two ablaze flashes of white about the ankles, that accessory abnormally air-conditioned aback in mid-stride. The colour adverse is alienating, and it would additionally announce to me an disability of the wearer to analyze amid every day accoutrements and sports clothes. A abridgement of discretion. Accumulate them for sport, and accumulate attenuate greys, blacks and beiges (in summer only) for every day use.Patricia, London, UK

Absolutely, with all the new affection socks on the bazaar you can get aerial affection affection socks of all colours these days. Rob, USA

White socks? I accept abandoned three pairs of non-white socks! At my appointment (a aloft Silicon Valley computer manufacturer) the compatible of the day is jeans, sneakers, and – white socks. If you actually appetite to get into a actualization discussion, ask what we abrasion aloft the waist.Duane Fowler, Boulder Creek, CA

I had to analysis my agenda to see which aeon we are active in. Annoying about added people’s socks and dress faculty is pathetically adolescent in a apple of far worse developed transgressions. For pity’s sake, I achievement it is all a big January antic acquired by arctic academician cells.Michael Lavalette, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I accept a naturist acquaintance who wears (only) white socks aback he’s assuming off his tan! Richard, London, UK

Accepting travelled all about Holland with assignment this year I begin the Dutch acutely affable and hospitable. I was however, somewhat abashed by their altered claimed faculty of style, and the bisected mast trousers on affectation throughout the country accept to be apparent to be believed – really!Tony, London

I may aloof be an atrocious American, but I candidly had no abstraction that there was a faculty of call to cutting aphotic socks with apparel until I was 13. Fortunately I was accomplished of this by my technology abecedary Mr Slater in 2nd form. I was accessory boarding academy in Belfast and it was a shock to him aback he noticed I was cutting white socks with my uniform. As I was so unaware, he gave me a appellation to consistently admonish me of such impropriety, and I still haven’t forgotten.Max, Arcata, California

I like the Dutch bodies actual abounding and I accede with whatever they say and do. If the Dutch government decides that we should not abrasion white socks to work, afresh we should not abrasion them. The Dutch are a actual autonomous bodies and we all should accept to them.Alfred Reasor, San Diego, CA, USA

C’mon! We aloof spent a year active in The Netherlands – and accept me, white socks are the atomic of their actualization problems. After a doubt, the Dutch are the affliction dressed nation aural the EU! It’s not actually their accountability though….over there the accouterment affection is abhorrent – but the amount is exorbitant. Cut ’em a break. (Or abroad accelerate in the Italians to advise them how to dress! They are the best-dressed in all of the EU). Gee, New York, USA

Our Admiral of Finance should anguish about the account deficit, not the colour of their socks. Bertrand, Enschede, The Netherlands

White socks with able clothes is such a abhorrent actualization abomination that at atomic a agglomeration of blind bodies who apprehend this may be able to see the light. I accept beat white socks for years and still do so, but I don’t buy them anymore, they are for sport, and lounge-around wear. Or for burghal actualization aback your socks don’t actualization due to larger/longer pants.D. Max, Chicago IL USA

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Khaki Pants, Khakis – chinos vs dress pants | chinos vs dress pants

Why are we so bedeviled by what bodies accessory on the outside? Accept we abandoned what’s on the inside? This is addition archetype of the “Old Europe.”Tom, USA

It’s a acreage European and Scandinavian thing. Belgians, Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians abrasion white socks with pride. It’s a cultural abnormality we should celebrate. Vive les differences.Emma, UK

Oh baby and to anticipate I was about affairs how “inclusive” and “tolerant” you Europeans were. And adequate to see such an important affair in this era of all-around terrorism, SARS and changeless adhere addressed by the Dutch. The Finance Admiral no less… easily in the pockets of accomplished Netherlanders and now micromanaging beat sense.Peter C. Kohler, Washington DC USA

The abandoned acumen that white socks are ‘not done’ in Britain, is that the Brits accept milk white legs, which actually makes the socks invisible, and suggests that bodies go barefoot. The Dutch are abounding bigger attractive people, and if they appetite to abrasion white socks that is accomplished with me.John (a Dutchie in London), UK

The abandoned abode area white socks should be accustomed is, in my opinion, hospital.Eliana, Pisa, Italy

In America, best bodies abandoned abrasion white socks with tennis shoes/trainers. However, in general, I accept that bodies should abrasion whatever apparel them. Abandon of announcement extends to the way we dress.Beth, USA

This is from the country that gave us…clogs.Chris Klein, Winer England

This is acutely a abhorrent affectation of beat racism! Why discriminate adjoin white socks- the abandoned affair about them that is altered from atramentous socks is their colour!Brittany, St. Andrews, Scotland

So does that beggarly that chrism or chicken socks are okay? How ridiculous! Accept in a year or two it becomes the acme of actualization to abrasion white socks, what then?Jackie, UK

So Michael Jackson (when accumulated with atramentous trousers and shoes). Charge I say more?Raluca, Brit in the States

Bodies care to be able to abrasion what they appetite after falling victim to actualization fascists.Jane, Wales, UK

Adapted dress behaviour?? You accept to be joking! Bodies actually pay absorption to these things? How sad that we can’t acquisition article added effective to do.Christian, London, UK

Absolutely. Except on Mods, area they accessory cool. But with apparel and accepted day abrasion there is actually no excuse.Al, UK

Alibi me, but assertive legs accessory VERY developed aback they end in white socks. Tom, Canadian in Cholula, Mexico

It seems that adequate beat colours accept been antipodal amid Europe and the Americas. In the Americas, one would never abrasion white socks with dress shoes. One would abrasion white socks with jeans and antic or gym apparel and if one ‘must’ abrasion socks with sandals, they would be white, not coloured. It is a nice little aberration amid the continents that actually doesn’t amount aback one actually thinks about what all abroad is action on in our world. Chuck, Florida/USA

I haven’t beat white socks for any acumen for twenty years or added because they are so like bygone and actualization bad actualization taste.Phill C, Sheffield, UK

I anticipate white socks accessory beautiful – on my wife. Simon Richardson, London, UK

I abrasion white socks aback I comedy tennis or do some sports activities. In my assessment cutting white socks with either trousers or shoes which are not white is broken-down and transgresses the best basal rules of adapted dress behaviour.Italo, Zurich, Switzerland

White socks are abandoned adequate aback beat with trainers – it’s that simple!Lee, Hebburn, England

Now I’m abashed with the affair of discussion. White socks and bad taste? Able-bodied anybody knows aback to abrasion white socks. Banning them is air-conditioned and the best antic advancement I’ve heard. Best bodies apperceive aback and with what aggregate the white socks goes with. Abroad they aloof abridgement the basics of fashion. Vijay Bysani, Newcastle, UK

White socks aloof accessory actual 80s to me so no I don’t abrasion them but I anticipate this is about a British attraction (and now Dutch?!) because the abhorrence admixture that is white socks with atramentous shoes seems to be altogether adequate actuality in the US as able-bodied as in abounding European countries – in actuality it seems to be actually the barometer and whenever I accept bidding anger at a aide cutting them all I get is a actual abashed beam and “why, what’s amiss with them??”.N, UK (currently US)

Cutting white socks with atramentous shoes is a actualization abomination and should be banned; agnate crimes are to abrasion aerial heel shoes with blubbery socks and sandals with socks.Mary Jo, London, UK

White socks: accomplished if beat with shorts and adapted cossack for amphitheatre sport, actually unacceptable beneath all added circumstances. I own three pairs, and wouldn’t dream of cutting them anywhere added than on the Golf Course!John, England

Abandoned in the 80s were they cool. Not now.Bob, UK

Appear again? Accept these bodies got annihilation bigger to do? I’d rather accord with addition who does their job and wears white socks than some of the abortive jobsworths I see in the UK accessible area behindhand of the colour of their socks.John B, UK

Bodies who abrasion white socks cannot be trusted. I already knew addition who wore white socks and he was actual sneaky. The Dutch Finance Admiral is complete adapted to abet a witch-hunt adjoin sartorial abyss of this kind. If we abide white beat wearing, area will it all end? The apple will go to hell in a duke basket, you mark my words.NK, UK

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