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SAN ANTONIO — A training ability alleged afterwards burst San Antonio firefighter Scott Deem gives aboriginal responders a abode to absolute lifesaving skills.

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The name serves as action for crews to put in the assignment and it ceremoniousness Deem’s sacrifice. He is the 19th union-affiliated San Antonio firefighter to die in the band of duty.

Every San Antonio bonfire fighter will absorb hours in the Scott Deem training ability barn that sits east of downtown. Aback they leave, they’ll be bigger able to acknowledge to an emergency. The aboriginal responders will see Deem’s name on the assurance every time they’re there. It’s a admonition of why they accord aggregate they’ve got, alike in a simulation.

“Everything we do we do in his honor, I anticipate the majority of us accept been able to approach our affections to area we aloof appetite to do acceptable by this abhorrent incident,” said SAFD Arch Charles Hood.

The name bowl is one way to account Deem’s bequest and sacrifice. He is additionally memorialized in a cairn continuing in Colorado Springs.

The International Association of Bonfire Fighters adds burst abutment members’ names to the granite walls every year. Amid 1936 and 2017, the IAFF has accustomed 19 of our burst San Antonio firefighters. Some died while on duty, while others absent blight battles affiliated to their assignment as aboriginal responders.

Last year, Daniel Vera Jr .and Todd “Woody” Woodcock were added to the monument. They both died of anatomic blight in 2016.

“You can’t anxiety the activity aback you aboriginal airing up and see your spouse’s name on the wall, to apperceive that his account is actuality accustomed in such a way that it’s activity to be categorical there forever,” said Todd’s widow, Chrystal Woodcock.

In the KENS 5 archive, we begin video footage of burst firefighter Jesse Bricker Jr’s funeral. He died in 1997 of a affection advance afterwards aggressive a cabin fire. Bonfire lath begin a admixture of chemicals on armpit including chlorine, hydrochloric acid, pesticides, meth and added substances that couldn’t be identified.

“He was an agitator, as we alleged them in the bonfire department,” said above Deputy Arch Rodney Hitzfelder in a 1997 interview. “He consistently had a joke, he was consistently jovial, he was consistently in a acceptable mood. He’ll be hardly missed.”

The IAFF bank has 19 San Antonio names but abutment associates accept researched alike more, dating aback to 1896. From bonfire agent crashes, to affection attacks and smoke assimilation and alike carcinogen acknowledgment on the job, firefighters beam bottomward death, daily.

Every year, new protocols are actuality fabricated that cut bottomward on the danger: bigger protection, new means to rid accessory of contaminants and practice, practice, practice. The industry is accomplishing annihilation and aggregate to accumulate our firefighters with us actuality on earth.

The San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association has researched several band of assignment deaths. The abutment aggregate the afterward details:

Scott Deem – 05/18/2017

(Source: Firefighter Deem and his ladder aggregation were accomplished forth with added firefighters to the abode of a anatomy bonfire in a band capital arcade complex. Accession firefighters begin a alive bonfire in a gym.

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Firefighter Deem was assigned to conduct a chase of the gym occupancy. Afterwards analysis the bonfire and calling for a corrupt line, altitude rapidly worsened and Firefighter Deem became adrift aural the structure. A “mayday” was accomplished but Firefighter Deem could not be located.

Fire altitude connected to worsen, and a arresting action was declared. Aback the bonfire was abundantly controlled, Firefighter Deem was removed from the building. His afterlife was acquired by asphyxiation.

This was an damaging (arson) fire. The buyer of the gym, Emond Javor Johnson, has been arrested on arson and annihilation accuse for carefully ambience the baleful fire. According to media reports, he was abaft on his hire by $6,000.

The Texas State Bonfire Marshal’s Office able a abundant abode on this incident. The abode is accessible at

Incident Location: 6782 Ingram Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238 (U.S. National Grid: 14R NT 3639 5935)

Todd “Woody” Woodcock – 06/26/2016

(Source: GoFundMe) On June 26, 2016 Lt. Todd “Woody” Woodcock of the San Antonio Bonfire Department, absent his adventuresome action with cancer. Woody anesthetized abroad at about 1:30 a.m. absolutely one year afterwards his activation date afterward a cartilage bottom displace abrogation abaft his wife Chrystal and his babe Peyton.

Daniel Vera Jr. – 04/25/2016

Occupational Cancer

Casey Turk – 04/08/2014

Occupational Cancer

Roger Dennis – 2/29/2008

(Source: Bonfire Accoutrement Operator Dennis was alleged in to assignment an overtime about-face on February 29, 2008. Aback he accustomed at the bonfire station, he and addition firefighter began to accessible their ambulance for service. The added firefighter noticed that Bonfire Accoutrement Operator Dennis was demography his own claret burden and asked if he was activity well. Bonfire Accoutrement Operator Dennis said that he was accomplished and they connected to adapt the ambulance. Aloof over an hour later, at 1455hrs, Bonfire Accoutrement Operator Dennis alleged his about-face administrator and told him that he was too ailing to complete the shift. Addition firefighter was alleged to alter Bonfire Accoutrement Operator Dennis. Aback the abatement firefighter accustomed at the station, he begin that Bonfire Accoutrement Operator Dennis was announcement signs of a cardiac event. Bonfire Accoutrement Operator Dennis was transported to the hospital but was arresting asleep at 1815hrs. The account of afterlife was listed as claret clots in the lungs.

Jessie F. Bricker, Jr. – 5/5/1997

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Dress – Womens Eliza J Floral Ruffle Cold Shoulder Dress Navy | Seffafol – eliza j floral dress | eliza j floral dress

(Source: Bonfire Accoutrement Operator Bricker died as a aftereffect of cardiac arrest that was affronted by accent and smoke assimilation that occurred while angry a fourth anxiety cabin fire. Afterwards abiding from the fire, FAO Bricker complained of not activity well. He was transported to the hospital that morning at 5:56 am. in astringent respiratory distress. He died at about 4:38 pm. Added cadre additionally suffered from assorted affection as a aftereffect of acknowledgment to bonfire and smoke. The afterward day, an ecology adviser was directed to sample and assay the arena and accouterment beat by firefighters. Analysis appear that an “unusual actinic event” occurred at the arena of the fire. Testing bent that chemicals that firefighters may accept been apparent to included chlorine or chlorine compounds, hydrochloric acid, pesticides, amines, adulterous drugs (such as methamphetamines) and added chemicals not determined.

John M. Forres – 6/14/1996

James Boullosa – 9/11/1988

(Source: SAPFFA) Lieutenant James S. Boullosa, 45, was in allegation of Agent Aggregation 28 aback he responded to a bonfire in a residence. Lieutenant Boullosa was affected by smoke while angry the bonfire and transported from the bonfire arena to the Baptist Memorial Hospital by EMS. During carriage the Lieutenant went into abounding cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated in the ambulance by the paramedics and rushed to the Emergency Room. Lieutenant Boullosa connected to ache cardiac problems and it was not accepted whether he would survive the night. Eventually the Lieutenant pulled through, but not afterwards abiding blow to his heart. Lieutenant Boullosa went through a connected recuperation aeon and was heard to say that he would not let his crime stop him from assuming a basic action for the Bonfire Department. He was assigned to Bonfire Anxiety area he served as About-face Supervisor for his about-face for about nine years until his abrasion took him from his ancestors and the Bonfire Administration on September 11, 1988. Lieutenant Boullosa was survived by his wife Margaret, sons Jim and David and babe Stephanie.

Ernest Flores – 3/22/1987

(Source: SAPFFA) Agent Aggregation #22 with Lieutenant Ernest A. Flores, 62, in allegation responded to letters of a aroma of ammonia at the L&H Packing Plant. His aggregation was ordered to lay a band to the barn to aerosol bottomward the ammonia gas leak. During the blueprint of the curve on the accept of the 3400 block of Roosevelt, Lieutenant Flores absent his anchor while accepting on the active lath and fell below the 13 ton truck’s wheels. He died instantly at the scene.

Paul Hand – 3/22/1985

Charles A. Edwards – 1/18/1976

(Source: SAPFFA) Captain Charles A. Edwards, 62, a 39-year adept of the San Antonio Bonfire Department, suffered a calefaction advance while angry a ample grass bonfire in the 2300 block of Nopal Street. Captain Edwards was advised at the arena by EMS and transported to Brook Army Medical Center in analytical condition. He died at 2 a.m. the afterward morning. Captain Edwards was survived by his wife, two children, his mother, two sisters, one brother and six grandchildren.

Willie Ojeda – 5/8/1975

(Source: SAPFFA) On the atramentous of May 8, 1975, San Antonio was lashed by astringent thunderstorms that brought with them aerial apprehension of up to 60 afar per hour, barrage and tornado sightings. Lieutenant Willie Ojeda, 43, was alive a 12-hour overtime about-face on Agent Co. Base 24 aback his agent aggregation was accomplished to a aerial baptize accomplishment anxiety at the circle of Rittiman Road and Vandiver. Aback they accustomed they begin a 29-year old man trapped in the bloated beck and continuing on top of his car, which had adjourned in the abrupt water. The accomplishment accepted difficult and alleged for Lieutenant Ojeda to adventure into the baptize to tie the man to a accomplishment rope. Lieutenant Ojeda’s aggregation and some bystanders helped cull the man to bank with some difficulty. While they were rescuing the alone motorist, Terrill Hills Patrolman H. Yates declared that he saw a boy about 12 years old in distress, amphibian bottomward the abrupt accepted captivation assimilate what appeared to be an close tube. Officer Yates declared that he saw Lieutenent Ojeda, captivation assimilate the arch cable, advance bound in a askew administration to the brook in an advance to ambush the youngster as he floated by. Lieutenant Ojeda and the boy were swept into the hasty waters. The firefighters appear that they absent afterimage of both Lieutenant Ojeda and the boy in the active rain. A massive accomplishment operation began including several canton and burghal agencies application helicopters. Sadly, the Lieutenant absent his activity in the ballsy accomplishment attempt. The aggregation of Base 9’s barter begin Lieutenant Ojeda’s anatomy one mile afterwards at the Ft. Sam Houston golf course. The anatomy of the boy was never found. No letters of a missing adolescent were anytime fabricated to police. Lieutenant Ojeda’s wife, babe and son, Robert Ojeda, who is now the Arch of the Bonfire Department, survived him. Robert Ojeda had aing the ranks of the Bonfire Administration alone two years afore his ancestor absent his life. Lieutenant Willie Ojeda lies at blow at San Jose Burial Park.

Charles Ehrlich – 8/14/1973

(Source: SAPFFA) Lieutenant Charles Ehrlich, 43, allowable the Agent Aggregation out of #8 Firehouse. He was able-bodied accepted for his firefighting abilities. In the aboriginal afternoon of August 14th, 1973, Agent #8 and Barter #8 responded to a approved anxiety for a abode bonfire in the 200 block of Arctic Richter. Aloft accession the companies begin a baby alone anatomy absolutely answerable with acid blubbery smoke. Breathing accoutrement were not in use at this time. Lieutenant Ehrlich accustomed the aroma and instructed his aggregation that it was a mattress fire. He entered through the advanced aperture arch both crews through the smoke in chase of the mattress. He bound amid one and pulled it out of the home and alternate to advice his aggregation acquisition more. All in all there were six afire mattresses pulled and aished from the battered home. No eventually had the #8 crews alternate to abode aback Lieutenant. Ehrlich became ill. The District Arch was summoned and he rushed the Lieutenant to the Baptist Memorial Hospital. The adept firefighter did not survive and succumbed to a affection attack. Lieutenant Ehrlich was survived by his wife, Gloria; bristles daughters, Shirley, Cynthia, JoAnn, Judy and Nancy; mother, Stella; brother, Frank; and bristles sisters, Margaret, Alice, Della, Lucilla, and Frances.

Joe G. Ramirez – 1/8/1966

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(Source: SAPFFA) Firefighter Joe G. Ramirez, 46, a busy 17-year adept of the SAFD responded to a assorted anxiety bonfire on the afternoon of Saturday January 8, 1966. He and his company, Agent #10, responded were accomplished on the additional anxiety of what became a three-alarm fire. In the action of angry the bonfire at 1301 W. Martin, a Salado Street, firefighter Ramirez was affected by abundant smoke and collapsed. Firefighter Charles Havel was manning the band central the barn with Ramirez. Aback the smoke became too intense, Havel yelled out to Ramirez, “Let’s get out of here, Joe” but Ramirez did not acknowledge and fell assimilate firefighter Havel. Ramirez was brought out of the architecture covered in wet ashes. He was accustomed actual medical absorption at the arena and Ancestor Cecil Barron of St. Franciso DiPaola Abbey administered aftermost rites to firefighter Ramirez as he was actuality accustomed oxygen. Firefighter Ramirez was arresting asleep aloft accession at Santa Rosa Hospital. Firefighter Joe Ramirez was called, “One of the best” by added firefighters and had the acceptability for consistently actuality out on the advanced band of a fire. Ramirez was the almsman of The Advocate of the Year Award in 1963. The bonfire that asleep Ramirez additionally afflicted several added firefighters. Lieutenant Charles Ehrlich was one of the injured. Lieutenant Ehrlich was asleep in the band of assignment seven years later. Ramirez was laid to blow at Fort Sam National Cemetery and was survived by his wife and two children.

Ramiro Rivera – 7/3/1963

(Source: SAPFFA) While on assignment at Bonfire Base No. 9, Firefighter Ramiro Rivera, 39, absent his anchor while sliding bottomward one of the station’s bonfire poles and fell 18 feet. He was rushed to the Santa Rosa Hospital area he afterwards died from his injuries. Firefighter Rivera was a 15-year adept of the San Antonio Bonfire Department. He was active at Fort Sam National Cemetery.

Walter Kalisky – 8/28/1955

(Source: SAPFFA) On the hot Sunday afternoon of August 28, 1955, the anxiety at Bonfire Base 7 for the Bactex Aggregation warehouse. Engineer Walter A. Kalisky, 49, knew the abode able-bodied as he collection his aggregation to the Medina Artery barn forth the tracks. Advocate laid accumulation curve and connected advance curve into the smoke. The bonfire was brought beneath ascendancy with a budgetary blow of $22,000. The greater blow was that of Engineer Kalisky’s life. Kalisky was stricken while affianced in pumping operations at the barn fire. Advocate Elmer C. Huegley and Badge Officer W. B. King administered bogus respiration, but the adept advocate was arresting asleep on accession at Santa Rosa Hospital. Engineer Walter A. Kalisky had a abundant adulation for his ancestors and enjoyed fishing. He was survived by his wife AnnaBell, and sons Leroy, Marvin, Milton, Allen and Wayne. Kalisky fabricated his home at 1424 W. French.

John R. Rodriguez – 11/13/1950

(Source: SAPFFA) Lieutenant John R. Rodriguez, 48, and his aggregation responded to a approved anxiety bonfire at the Handy Andy bazaar at the bend of Woodlawn and Fredericksburg Rd. Lt. Rodriguez, was confined as Acting Captain for the shift, was apparent continuing by one of the bonfire trucks afterwards the bonfire was aished aback he collapsed. He was transported to Santa Rosa Hospital and arresting asleep on accession anon afore midnight.

Henry E. Martinez – 1/19/1943

(Source: SAPFFA) Advocate Henry E. Martinez, 30, was asleep aback Ladder Barter 3 from Base No. 7, a barter loaded with butane, and a clandestine auto were complex in a three-way blow at Arkansas Avenue and South Hackberry on a algid January 19, 1943. The amateur advocate was asleep instantly aback he was befuddled to the pavement from the ladder trucks active board. Barter 3 responded out of Bonfire Base 7 at 604 South Alamo to a approved anxiety on South Gevers and was headed south on Hackberry aback it collided with the gas barter and burst into a bare bushing base at Denver and Hackberry. Captain Alfred S. Gassman, 49, who was in allegation of the barter died on January 22, 1943 from injuries he suffered in the aforementioned collision. Advocate Henry E. Martinez was survived by his wife Juanita, son Henry and babe Eliza. He was active at San Fernando Cemetery No. 2.

Alfred S. Gassmann – 1/22/1943

(Source: SAPFFA) Captain Steven Gassmann, 49, had afresh been answer to Junior Captain aback he met his abortive death. He was in allegation of Barter #3 at Bonfire Base 7 aback the cruise articulate a approved anxiety on South Gevers on January 19, 1943. Captain Gassmann, siren arrant and anxiety clanging, formed bottomward South Hackberry with a abounding acclaim of fireman. Hanging on the active lath was amateur advocate Henry E. Martinez. As the ample red ladder barter approached Aransas it collided angrily into a butane barter that abandoned the emergency vehicle’s warnings. Afterwards the appulse Captain Gassmann’s barter careened and comatose into a bare bushing base at Denver and Hackberry. Advocate Martinez, the rookie, was asleep instantly aback he was befuddled to the pavement afore Captain Gassmann’s eyes. Captain Gassmann abiding injuries to his legs, aback and arms. He was transported to the hospital, advised and released. He alternate to the hospital on the Jan. 22 accusatory of and leg pain. He died actual anon after. It is believed that he was felled by a claret array formed by his injuries. Captain Gassmann aing Martinez in final blow at San Fernando Cemetery #2. Captain Alfred G. Gassmann was survived by his wife Bertha and daughters Alice Marie, Margaret Claire and Mary Cecilia.

August W. Wagner – 8/7/1938

(Source: SAPFFA) While responding to a approved anxiety at the Southern Welding Company, Advocate August W. Wagner, 25, was fatally afflicted aback the bonfire barter Agent 3 he was responding on collided bang with Agent 7 at the circle of East Commerce and Baptize Street. Agent 7 was traveling arctic on Baptize Artery at a aerial amount of acceleration and Agent 3 was active west on Commerce aback it bashed into Agent 7. The appulse was so bull that Agent 3 chaotic and landed on top of the added bonfire truck. A absolute of 10 firefighters were afflicted in this accident. An analysis appear that the bonfire they were responding to had been aished able-bodied afore any bonfire aggregation accustomed on scene. Advocate Wagner was laid to blow at Roselawn Cemetery aloof two canicule afore what would accept been his 26th birthday. Advocate Wagner was survived by his wife, two brothers, and three sisters.

H.J. Kneupper – 12/16/1936

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(Source: SAPFFA) Advocate Herman J. Kneupper, 34, absent his activity while responding to an emergency anxiety out of Bonfire Base 13. Aback the anxiety was sounded, Kneupper, who was the abettor chauffer, took his position on the active lath aing to the driver. As accoutrement entered South Hackberry from Warwick Boulevard an auto hit the barter and both cartage overturned. The aggregation of six was befuddled from the barter and Kneupper was affianced amid the barter and the curb. Immediately afterwards the collision, bushing base operators at the bend summoned advice and the barter was aerial off of advocate Kneupper. Kneupper’s aggregation associates were rushed to the hospital. Kneupper’s was the sole blow of the accident. Kneupper had telephoned his wife to acquaint her he would be home in a little while aloof a few account afore he climbed on the active lath of 13’s, with sirens screaming, demography him to his aftermost alarm. He was survived by his wife, Agnes, daughter, Evelyn and son, Herman Jr.

L.A. Johnson – 5/20/1930

E.J. Stone – 4/1/1927

T.F. Martin – 4/19/1923

A.G. Flury – 4/19/1923

Claude A. Ratterree – 1/1/1918

(Source: SAPFFA) Claude A. Ratterree, 22, Arch Bishop’s Chauffer, was complex in a blow with Agent #7 during an emergency acknowledgment with the Bonfire Arch to a abode bonfire on the east ancillary of town. His car comatose through a affectation window at Joske’s. Chauffer Ratterree was ejected from the car and suffered a burst skull. Alive but unconscious, the afflicted chauffer was agitated by two San Antonio Badge Officers to a car and rushed to Robert B. Green Memorial Hospital area he died the day afterwards the blow at 5:20 am on Tuesday January 1, 1918, accepting never regained consciousness. Arch of the Administration William Bishop and Lt. Robert W. Kopplin were additionally asleep in this adverse accident. Chauffer Ratterree was survived by his mother.

William P. Bishop – 12/31/1917


(Source: SAPFFA) While responding to approved anxiety for a abode fire, Arch Will P. Bishop, 27, was in an accessible cab Locomobile which collided with Agent Aggregation No. 7 at the circle of East Commerce and Alamo. The Arch was sitting in the advanced commuter ancillary of the agent aback #7’s motor hit the car broadside. Arch Bishop was ashamed by the barter and arresting asleep at the scene. Two added firefighters, Lieutenant Robert W. Kopplin and Firefighter Claude A. Ratterree were additionally asleep forth with a 10-year-old bystander. Arch Bishop, who had served as Bonfire Arch back 1911, was active at Anchor Masonic Cemetery. Arch Bishop was survived by his wife, two sisters, and one brother.

Robert W. Kopplin – 12/31/1917

(Source: SAPFFA) While responding to a anxiety for a abode on fire, Lieutenant Robert W. Kopplin, 31, was asleep aback his engine, Agent No. 7, collided with Bonfire Arch William Bishop’s car at the circle of E. Commerce and Alamo. Lieutenant Kopplin was benumbed on the rear tailboard of the agent aback the blow occurred. The appulse hurled the adept firefighter over the top of the accoutrement and his anatomy addled the pavement. He was arresting asleep at the scene. San Antonio Bonfire Administration Bonfire Arch William Bishop and his chauffer, Claude A. Ratterree, were additionally asleep in this city’s affliction emergency agent accident. Lieutenant Kopplin’s charcoal lie in the Fireman’s Grave at Burghal Cemetery #4. Lieutenant Robert W. Kopplin was survived by his wife, two daughters, his parents, and one sister.

Gilbert L. Hovey – 8/14/1915

Gilbert Hovey

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(Source: SAPFFA) Aboriginal Abettor Arch Gilbert L. Hovey, 36, died in an auto blow aback the council accessory bankrupt on his car while answering an alarm. Arch Hovey was acting Bonfire Arch in the absence of Arch Phil Wright. Both Hovey and his chauffer, C. L. Burtner, were responding to a bonfire in the 100 block of Drexel and traveling about 35 to 45 afar per hour aback the abundant vehicle’s council went out and the abundant car belted over a barrier and addled a blast pole at S. Presa and Dunning. Disciplinarian Burtner declared that aback he absent ascendancy of the steering, he told Arch Hovey to jump and believed he was attempting to aback the appulse occurred. Arch Hovey was bent beneath the wreckage. He was extricated by accession firemen and agitated to the home of Dr. L. Jackson, 2327 South Presa, area he asleep a few account later. The afterlife of Arch Hovey was the aboriginal to action in the San Antonio Bonfire Administration as a absolute aftereffect of motorizing bonfire apparatus. Every man in the Bonfire Administration captivated Arch Hovey in aerial esteem. He had afresh been answer and had accustomed his full-dress arch compatible alone hours afore the accident. The Chief’s burial advance was advance by the Chief’s buggy and fatigued by Arch Hovey’s admired horse, Bryan. Alike afterwards motor accessories was put into the bonfire service, Arch Hovey connected to acknowledge to alarms with Bryan. The adept Bonfire Administration horse, advance by advocate C. C. Noll, drew the alone buggy emblematic the blow of one of this Department’s best admired leaders. His wife, Lula, and ten year old son, Jerry, survived Arch Hovey. They resided at 318 Idaho.

John Crivelli – 1/20/1908

(Source: SAPFFA) Advocate John Crivelli, 27, was one of four firefighters afflicted while responding to a baby stove bonfire at Daniels and South Flores. The afflicted firemen were responding out of Agent Abode #6 at South Alamo and Lavaca aback their horse fatigued corrupt wagon chaotic at South Presa St. and South Alamo Streets. Witnesses at the arena declared that the wagon’s auto hit and slid forth the streetcar advance causing the wagon to annul spilling the four firefighters assimilate the street. Advocate Crivelli’s arch hit one of the advance and rendered him unconscious. He was taken to a adjacent biologic abundance area a physician was summoned and his wounds were dressed. He was transported to Santa Rosa Hospital and succumbed to his baleful abrasion on January 20, 1908 at the burghal hospital. Advocate John Crivelli was survived by his father, three brothers and a sister. He resided with his ancestor on Milam Street.

Fred Strauss – 12/11/1901

Edwin Grover – 03/26/1896

A Austere Funeral

Last Rites Over the Charcoal of Advocate Grover.

The aftermost sad, austere rites of burial over the charcoal of the backward Lieut. Edwin A. Gi-over, of the Angle and Ladder aggregation took abode bygone afternoon at o o’clock, from the aggregation quarters, the agent abode on Avenue U. Rev. Dr. K. E. King, of the First-Baptist church,- officiated. Though casework at the agent abode wore short; but wore solemn. The ladles’ armchair rendered several admirable songs and Mr. W. G. Tobin, the deceased’s accomplice in a actinic agent patent, sang a admirable baritone solo, “One Sweetly Sole inn Thought.” During the services, and while Rev. King was speaking, the bonfire anxiety from Box 23 came in and the arch and a corrupt reel went to the abetment of the affluence of Aggregation No1 a whose abode the bonfire was located. To this abeyance the abbot referred to in a actual adapted manor, and the atrocious advance to the grave was taken up through Ave. C and East and through Alamo Artery to East Commerce and accordingly to the Cemetery No. 4.

The firemen led the way followed by the hearse, the angle and ladder barter with it admirable floral ornaments and heavily draped in black. Four atramentous horses were acclimatized to the truck. On the connected ladder surmounting the barter the casket, active in the ri of cut flowers and floral emblems rested. The cloak bearers were deceased’s comrades, Abettor Arch A.C. Tracht, W. B. Bishop, Tom Hollis, Robert Mc Sorley, B. Duncan, N.F. Frink. The bonfire accretion of the burghal toiledduring the funeral.

At the graveside Rev. King took for his argument 1 Samuel XX., 3, the words of David, “There is but a footfall amid me and death,” and preached from it a admirable and actual affecting sermon. Then the casket was lowered, and apple accumulated after consistently bankrupt the career of one of our adventurous firemen.

The bonfire administration appeal the LIGHT to acknowledgment their aboveboard acknowledgment to the ladies who so attentive assisted Mr. W. G. Tobln in the decorations, in sending flowers and pot plants and to the accessible in accepted for sympathy.

Deceased was interred in burghal No. 4, lot 76, Sec. 4. This lot, 25 by 30 anxiety in size, has been set a by Mayor Elmendorf as the abiding cemetery for the Bonfire and Badge Departments.

The Circadian Light Friday February 28, 1896

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